BBC Panorama – White Fright: Divided Britain reviewed – Failure of Multiculturalism

BBC Panorama – White Fright: Divided Britain reviewed – Failure of Multiculturalism.

Ten years ago, the BBC’S Panorama programme went to Blackburn to investigate why the white community and the Muslim community were living parallel lives.

In 2017, Panorama returned to Blackburn to discover the segregation has got worse.

A report on the riots across northern England that took place in 2001 described Blackburn as the most segregated town in Britain.

Blackburn, Lancashire is a town that is about 70% white and 30% Asian, many of whom are Muslim.

In 2007, the BBC Panorama programme found that there was a definite religious and ethnic divide in Blackburn.

Some areas of Blackburn were only lived in by Muslims, and other parts are almost entirely white.

In other words, the white community and the Muslim community were living worlds apart.

Furthermore, white residents were leaving Blackburn in large numbers, and Muslims were moving in.

Ten years on, the BBC returned to Blackburn to film a documentary called Panorama – White Fright: Divided Britain.

The programme, broadcast on BBC One on Monday 22 January 2018, found that Blackburn is even more divided than a decade earlier.

In typical fashion, the BBC suggests that it’s the white community that’s to blame for the non-integration of Muslims in Blackburn.

Indeed, even the title of the Panorama programme has the phrase ‘White Fright’ in it.

The unstated assumption throughout the documentary was that whites are hostile and Islamophobic.

Many on the programme believed that Islamist terrorism in the UK was the main reason why there is a lack of integration.

However, there was a lack of integration in the town before Islamist terrorism in the UK.

Another reason put forward for the lack of integration was that Muslim residents fear reprisals from the white residents because of Islamist terrorism.

One speaker said that when he came to Blackburn, he was met with ‘racism and hostility’ but Panorama announced that he ‘still managed to integrate’.

The BBC Panorama documentary completely ignored the fact many Muslims have no intention of integrating.

A Muslim’s first loyalty is to Islam, not Britain.

Indeed, an opinion poll found that a majority of young British Muslims do not regard themselves as British but as Muslims who just happen to live in Britain.

The government says that it will be introducing its Integration Strategy to strengthen community integration shortly.

In other words, the government wants even more forced integration measures.

Forced integration has been tried before, and it’s failed miserably.

Such measures have included positive discrimination, political correctness, quotas, and the merging of schools of different ethnicities and religions.

Successive governments have failed to realise that, due to human nature, most people prefer to live with their own kind.

Secondly, given the very excessive levels of immigration into Britain, large-scale integration is all but impossible.

Thirdly, 1300 years of Islamic history shows that Muslims cannot exist peacefully with non-Muslims for any significant length of time.

Only the British National Party has a ten-point plan to combat Islamist terror



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