When fire-bombing a synagogue is not a hate crime

A German regional court has cleared three German-based Palestinian Islamists of ‘antisemitism’ after hurling a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue.

According to jaw-dropping ruling, the hate crime was a legitimate criticism of Israel foreign policy.

Claiming that the attackers were provoked by Israel’s Operation Protective Edge to combat Hamas and, owing to their alcohol consumption, the judge ruled out ‘anti-semitism’ as a motivating factor.

The judge also ruled out that it was a pre-meditated attack despite the words ‘Free Palestine’ having been spray-painted on the walls of the synagogue days earlier.

According to the Institute of Jewish Policy Research, hate crimes perpetrated against Jews by Muslim immigrants have skyrocketed across the European continent prompting many Jews to leave for the safety of Israel.

According to statics contained in its report, there was an increase in Jews leaving France, Belgium and Italy, while figures for Britain and Germany remained at a constant.

The Guardian declared that it was as a result of “significant demographic transformation of Europe, with an inflow of migrants from the Middle East, north Africa and south Asia, which had implications for European culture, traditions and politics.”

The report stated:

“It is against this background of demographic change and political reckoning that European Jews and Jewish communities try to orientate themselves,”

BNP Chairman Adam Walker commented on the findings:

“Angela Merkel is responsible for the unprecedented epidemic of Muslim sex attacks against European women and children and hate crimes against non-Muslims across Europe,”

“The fact that many Jewish people are seriously considering emigrating to Israel shouldn’t surprise anyone in the wake of Merkel’s devastating migrant policy.

“While out campaigning several months ago, I spoke to a Jewish man who stated that he was considering moving with his family to Israel in light of the rising anti-Jewish sentiment from Muslims.

“We don’t have an Israel, I said – we lose Britain, we’ve lost everything!”

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