adam-red-flagEach year the British National Party must pass an Independent Financial Audit.

This is the final stage in the long line of strict measures put in place by our Treasury Department to ensure that our accounts are 100% transparent.

As part of this audit, our Chairman prepares a statement, which is then reproduced on the Electoral Commission’s website and forms part of the overall report.

Our Chairman’s 2016 report, as it appeared on the Electoral Commission’s website earlier this year is reproduced below:


In July of 2015, I was democratically elected as Chairman of the British National Party with 80% of all votes cast, the largest majority any Chairman has secured in over a decade. As promised, working closely with my dedicated team, the 2015 accounts show we achieved the financial stability everyone wanted.

I am also very pleased to confirm that we end the 2015 accounting year without incurring further debts.

The 2015 accounts were finished early and submitted before the deadline to the Electoral Commission and our Treasurer has yet again been scrutinised under full independent audit.

He has delivered another glowing 100% audit pass.

The audited accounts also show us in an operating surplus for the fifth consecutive year and confirm that other than normal operating costs, we have no huge debts.

We have achieved unprecedented stability and the financial prudence needed to keep that stability.

Our accounts have had a 100% audit pass, they are submitted early and demonstrate the fact that we are working and operating successfully within our means.

In short, this set of accounts show that the BNP is in a position of strength.

We have a high level of trust and communication between departments.

Combined with up to date, accurate information, this has resulted in a solid set of disciplined decisions being made, all with the long term welfare of the BNP at the forefront.

We are not funded by big business or trade unions.

Our funds come from the generosity of the British people.

This means that the BNP is the only political party able to tell the truth and the only genuinely independent political party in Great Britain today.


There is still a great deal I intend to do. I am passionate about improving our already formidable election machine.

The complexities, challenges, highs and lows of running an election campaign and pushing to improve it are exhilarating.

I intend for all of our activists and candidates to experience electoral success in the coming years.

BNP councillors have pride and compassion that comes from serving their community well and helping their constituents.

Our long-term councillors have often shared their views with me and have told me personally that standing up for our people and improving their lives is hugely rewarding, deeply humbling and extremely heart-warming.


My years serving in the British Army and the time I spent living in Japan, studying and later teaching full contact karate, have taught me the value of discipline.

Under my watch, the BNP has become a far more disciplined political party.

For the first time in our history, the Chairman’s authority has been delegated to a Conduct Committee (CC) consisting of three National Executive Committee members, who deal with all disciplinary matters that, up until my election, were decisions only ever made by one person alone – the Chairman.

These matters also include disputes between members.

The CC provides advice and works to guard against any breach of the BNP ‘Code of Conduct’.

Now, individuals who bring the party into disrepute through unacceptable or irresponsible actions face swift disciplinary action.

The disgraceful act of a founding member dressing wholly inappropriately in WWII military uniform and being photographed doing so, is one of the many reasons the current incarnation of the BNP comes under fire from the media.

This type of behaviour must, and will be addressed.

The inability of the last Chairman to implement a ‘no tolerance’ policy or any policy at all, in dealing with these matters is something that we have now overcome.

With this in mind, I have discussed with the CC the necessity for them to draw up a set of guidelines that will be added to our code of conduct, with the aim of ridding ourselves once and for all, from those remaining individuals hell-bent on defaming the BNP and bringing our noble cause into disrepute.

Crass and inappropriate behaviour, any form of violence, or attempts to incite violence are already offences for which an individual will be referred to the CC and, depending upon findings may be permanently expelled.

Anyone faced with expulsion has an opportunity to appeal their case.

Party members respect and support this new direction.

The previous Chairman, Nick Griffin, was unable to adopt this zero tolerance approach because he would have had to expel himself first.

We have a long way to go, but the good news is we have begun this process and this has only been possible since my election as Chairman.

We cannot hope to attract new members, activists, potential councillors and spokesmen in the large numbers we need without such a clean up and an outright admission and recognition of the failures of the past.

This must, and will be done to ensure that the outstanding, hard work of thousands of BNP activists is not undone by a handful of imbeciles or agent provocateurs who manage to breach our ranks.


Another big change which I’m fully committed to is building a civil and working relationship with the media, not just here in Britain, but on an international scale too.

I can now publicly announce that I have stripped from our manifesto the totally outrageous and totalitarian policy which stated:

‘A BNP Government would ban the free press and control a state media’.

As a political party absolutely committed to the democratic process, such a policy is an affront to British freedom and a deeply shameful opinion.

Sadly, it is one of many held by the previous BNP Chairman.


Change is often difficult, but absolutely necessary.

I can say with whole-hearted confidence that now we are moving in the right direction and I will ensure that we will continue to do so.

Over the coming months and years we need to power forward in the right direction, each of us taking stock and remembering that we are ambassadors of the British National Party and that we must act accordingly.

We have clear objectives now.

We need to offer hope to the British people.

Now more than ever, the public are crying out for an alternative to the out-of-touch political elite who care little for the workers of Britain and can only think about their own selfish financial gain.

We will strengthen our community roots.

We will help those abandoned by the establishment parties. Our priority will be to put the most vulnerable of our people first, each and every time.

We reject political correctness in all its forms and we will re-focus on what is truly important; looking after our people and to provide an environment where our children can live safely in peace.

We will create a society where our children can be educated without being saddled with huge debt, gain the qualifications to find quality and secure employment, work hard in their chosen field and earn a living wage; not a wage suppressed by cheap foreign labour.

The reality to most normal people is that the ‘minimum wage’ has become the ‘maximum wage’ throughout huge sections of the workforce and for us as a nation to do better we must deal with these fundamental and basic issues.

If we don’t, as is the case now, the rest is just tinkering with a broken machine. Our children and our nation deserve better than that.


As nationalists, we share the desire for the people of other nations to take their countries back under their own control.

We have a great deal of foreign and ex-pat BNP members.

We will be re-establishing our links with and responding to the requests of other European Nationalist Parties, providing advice and assistance to help them to organise their own referendums and free their people from the poisonous tentacles of the failed European Union project.

As we have all seen over the past two weeks, even after the historic EU referendum, we have no guarantee that Article 50 will be triggered.

As a result, I anticipate hard and testing times ahead, as we continue the fight for freedom.

We will continue to insist on the implementation of the will of British people to leave the EU.

The tentacles of the EU are still running deeply through the conduits of power in Britain.

All nationalists across Europe are in agreement that as more countries force EU referendums on their governments, the more difficult it will be for the EU to focus its wrath on the brave nation that dared to defy it.

If we can help bring about a series of referendums it will start a chain reaction that will be impossible for them to stop.

I state here, that our goal must now be the total dissolution of the European Parliament and the evil EU project in its entirety.


The big issue in Britain remains immigration.

Consecutive governments have done nothing to halt the destructive tide of immigration; they have done the opposite and have actively encouraged it.

Even now, after we voted to leave the EU, none of the other political parties have any intention of closing the door.

Only the BNP can be trusted to put right the immigration catastrophe.

We will introduce a national security moratorium on immigration, stopping all further immigration until the current mess can be sorted out and those here illegally are deported to their country of origin.

With our borders once again secured, we can concentrate on improving the lives of law-abiding British people who have suffered for so long.

Reinvesting in our own people, celebrating our own cultural events and traditions and restoring our independent sovereign nation are our priorities.

We must help our downtrodden and long persecuted people to find the love of their country so many have forgotten.

We will help to rebuild the pride our people once felt.

When we voted to leave the EU, I and many others around me, realised that it was the first time in many years when we were truly ‘proud to be British’.

Long may it continue!


The Islamisation of European nations is an issue of great concern to us, and should be to others.

The Church of England, womens’ rights groups, child protection groups, animal welfare campaigners and those from the LGBT community must now realise the true threat they face if the Islamification of Britain continues.

The BNP recognises that radical Islam is incompatible with our Western culture.

We recognise too that the religion of Islam is divided into two aspects; political and philosophical.

Islam is fundamentally an intolerant ideology; an inherently intolerant ideology which interferes in all aspects of political life also.

Politically, Islam seeks to undermine our British sovereign law and introduce its own law, Sharia, through the backdoor.

This is a recipe for the destruction of our nation and the BNP will resist the introduction of Sharia all the way.

We insist on one law for all – British law. Those who wish to live under Sharia law are invited to take up residence in a country where it is deemed acceptable.

BNP policy regarding Islam is to cease the horrific ritual halal slaughter of animals, ban the burka, halt the further building of mosques and to hand out tougher sentences for those who commit ‘honour killings’, perform female genital mutilation and who organise themselves into gangs to torture and rape our children.

We will also close all Sharia courts.

As the only genuine party of peace, the BNP will continue to campaign to bring our troops home from foreign wars, to stop interfering in the affairs of Muslim nations and to spend the billions of pounds wasted on such fruitless endeavours here in Britain.

Some of this money should be spent on helping to build military defenses to protect the British people.

In summary, the relationship with Islam is not working and we need a divorce.


The victorious leave vote shook the global Establishment. For the first time ever the British people were able to vote on a single issue.

They voted to leave, and while leftist commentators clamour to claim that immigration was not the main issue – it was!

Sadly, they are in total denial.

This is why they have announced ‘open season’ on the BNP.

Not only have we come a huge way towards achieving our 30-year campaign to free Britain from the EU, but we stand as the only political party with policies which the majority of the British public wishes to see implemented.

Is it any wonder the rotten old establishment is terrified of us?

The real shame in all this is the hatred and intolerance raging through the leftist media, fuelled by the ruling elite and adopted by the worst elements of our society.

They have turned on the majority of British people who had the bravery, courage and insight to vote to take us out of the EU.

The BNP, as a party of the British people, has come under attack too as a result of our ‘Out of the EU’ policy.

Leftist criminals and state agents, are committing crimes and blaming it on the BNP.

These are hate crimes against those of us who love Britain by those that hate our country and want to see it destroyed.

Politics is now on its head.

Those who called us all the hate words under the sun now only have to look in the mirror to find their true hate figure.

The old leftist lie is dying, and we are more than happy to help it on its way.

Contrarily, we in the BNP are made of sterner stuff.

Like good Christians we stand tall and proud, we remember the sacrifices made in the past and we turn the other cheek.

We pray that our MPs can find it in their hearts to understand that everyone is different and to be more tolerant.

We hope that they can learn to curb the burning vicious hatred they have shown towards certain sections of society, namely the men and women who hold slightly different views to their own.


I am delighted with our progress over the past year. We’ve stabilised the British National Party and have delivered an operating profit yet again.

We have overcome huge obstacles, any one of which would have finished off any other political party.

I’m looking forward to a period of steady growth, both in terms of membership and electoral success.

I’m proud to be leading a united family of outstanding patriots, holding the interests of the British people at heart and defiantly fighting the war for justice come rain, hail or shine.

I will continue to ensure that the British National Party grows bigger and stronger by the day, and emerge as the only genuine alternative that can provide answers to a broken political system led by a deceitful gang of out-of-touch political parties.

The BNP is the answer.

Together we will put the GREAT back into Britain.

Adam Walker
British National Party Chairman



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