British National Party Chairman, Adam Walker, has been taken into custody and released without charge following allegations of ‘election irregularities’ asserted by the Conservatives after the BNP came within a whisker of winning a second BNP council seat in Marsden, Lancashire, last May.

It comes as no surprise after the Conservative candidate for Marsden ward, Tommy Cooney, made a string of fictitious and ridiculous allegations to police about the BNP during and after the election.

Absurd allegations include BNP litter-picking teams hiding behind trees and in bushes while whispering to voters.

We’re disappointed that the police have chosen to take Tommy Cooney’s laughable allegations seriously,” BNP Deputy Chairman, Clive Jefferson, told reporters.

It’s another blatant, politically motivated attack on the BNP for coming so close to ousting him from his seat.

Sadly, we’ve come to expect the dishonourable and corrupt political opposition misusing the police to harass our people whenever we come this close to winning council seats.

The authorities have never understood the strength of patriots.

This recent arrest has actually increased our membership as British patriots join the fight for justice


The arrest comes hot on the heels of the release of a damning review into election fraud in Tower Hamlets, East London, by Conservative MP, Sir Eric Pickles, in which he castigated ‘state institutions’ for their failure to act to combat massive electoral fraud in Muslim communities.

Sir Pickles’ comprehensive report, ‘Securing the Ballot’, slammed the electoral commission for promoting the use of foreign languages at polling stations, declaring that it ‘leaves the door open to fraud’, adding that ‘Britain’s trust-based system is no longer tenable,’ because successive governments in Britain have introduced millions of immigrants who do not share the same lofty principles as native Brits.

The report found that police and state institutions have turned a blind eye to the crimes of vote rigging in Muslim communities for Politically Correct reasons and that the massive election fraud is not only confined to Tower Hamlets but rampant in all Muslim communities.

Speaking to British Nationalist, Mr Jefferson clarified the Government’s reason for targeting the BNP:

The timing of the outrageous arrest of our Chairman and harassment of the BNP says it all.

It’s a political move to appease Muslim groups and their leftist apologists who find the facts offensive.


“The investigations into endemic election fraud in Muslim communities across Britain have prompted the Government to act to be seen investigating native British communities too, for Politically Correct reasons.

“There’s another factor to consider here – a pattern has been emerging for some time.

“Wherever the BNP gain huge support and threaten to unseat Establishment politicians, the police move in to harass our candidates and activists, and make arrests on the basis of absurd allegations made by the politicians themselves.

“Adam’s been ‘bailed’ with no conditions imposed on him and is due to answer with the police in mid-November.

“I’m making a prediction now, that after I heavily criticised Lancashire PC police for doing the Conservatives’ dirty work for them, and wasting their time and our money, instead of safeguarding the lives of thousands of white girls from the threat of predatory Muslim rape gangs in their area, I’ll be the next to be arrested in the name of Politically Correctness and for daring to speak out in defence of our Chairman.”

The BNP is now bracing itself for more politically motivated attacks and allegations by the PC police in their attempt to appear balanced when taking action to tackle mass election fraud in the Muslim community.


Now that Sir Pickles has put the truth out there, the one thing that’s guaranteed is that the Islamophile PC police will make every effort to deflect attention from the rampant election fraud in Muslim communities by making false allegations against the BNP, in a cynical and transparent attempt to appease the Muslim community.

We cannot allow the corrupt Government to persecute the British people and the British National Party.

As you’ll remember, we’ve taken on the PC police before and we beat them – but only because of YOUR fantastic and loyal support.

After Adam’s arrest, our Party’s solicitors wasted no time in attending the police station to work alongside him. With this scandal set to continue and more arrests expected, we have to be ready, willing and able to defend our frontline activists.

Please donate all you can to our Fightback Fund, and ensure that we make fools out of the corrupt PC police again, and make them think again before picking on the British people and the BNP.



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