Ukip immigration policy makes no sense

UKIP immigration and Paul Nuttall
Ex-leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall

UKIP immigration policy does not make sense.

In May 2017, UKIP announced in its General Election manifesto a ‘one in, one out’ immigration policy.

The ex-UKIP leader Paul Nuttall: “UKIP will go into this election with a policy of balanced migration.”

The purpose of the UKIP immigration policy is to achieve a ‘zero net immigration’.


They [UKIP] want to align the number of people coming to the UK – 596,000 in the year to last September – with those leaving, which was 323,000 over the same period.

In other words, UKIP’s plan is to have the number of immigrants into Britain matching the number of emigrants leaving Britain.

Taken at face value, it sounds appealing.

However, upon closer inspection, such a policy will dramatically increase immigration because of ‘chain migration’.

Chain Migration

This occurs when a country allows in family members of immigrants (legal or illegal).

UKIP immigration and chain migration
Chain Migration

The overwhelming majority of family migrants who move here for ‘family reunification’ reasons are granted permanent settlement according to a Home Office study.

Similarly, an immigrant can bring bring all their children, with no restriction on the number of children.

So if an immigrant has twelve children, the UK will allow all of them into the country.

Let’s not forget transcontinental arranged marriages.

All of these factors will increase the immigration figures by a huge amount.

So, for every immigrant, we then have to add the spouse, family members and children to the final figure.

Therefore, if the official headline figure for net immigration in a year is, for example, 250,000, then the real number could easily be 1 million to 1.5 million.

Emigration from the UK is overestimated

Migration Watch:

The Office for National Statistics produce estimates of international migration based on the International Passenger Survey, a survey of passengers arriving and departing the UK. Someone arriving to the UK intending to stay for 12 months or more is an immigrant and someone departing the UK for 12 months or more is an emigrant.

UKIP immigration policy will increase substantially the number of immigrants
The BNP will stop all further immigration until we can sort this immigration mess out

The calculation of the number of those emigrating is flawed.

For example, I know someone who got a contract to work abroad for 18 months.

He had no intention of emigrating.

When he arrived back into the UK, he was not counted as an immigrant because of his British passport.

Many British workers go abroad for more than 12 months for the experience.

Most of them return to the UK; they have not emigrated!

Under UKIP’s new immigration plan, the UK will allow in an immigrant for every British person who was incorrectly classified as having emigrated.

Chain migration would have swelled that number fourfold (at least).

The previous UKIP immigration policy

UKIP immigration and the Australian points based system
Nigel Farage of UKIP

Do you remember when UKIP kept saying ‘we need an Australian points-based system for skilled workers in this country’?

What UKIP did not tell voters is that we already have an ‘Australian points system’ for non-EU migrants.

The Labour Party introduced the UK points-based system (based on the Australian system) in 2008, and it’s still in existence now.

The number of skilled workers allowed into the UK under this points-based system is just over 20,000.

UKIP wanted a limit of 50,000!

BNP policy on immigration


At the core of British National Party policy is the belief that Immigration into Britain is a destructive agenda.

Read the BNP policy on immigration.

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UKIP immigration. President Trump and Angela Merkel
President Trump: Immigration is a privilege, not a right

UKIP Immigration Policy: Conclusion

The UKIP immigration plan of ‘one in, one out’ does not take into account chain migration which will dramatically increase net migration.

UKIP immigration - Nigel Farage said he is pro immigration
UKIP has always been pro-immigration

The new and previous UKIP immigration policies were not thought out properly.

The reason for their farcical immigration policies is because UKIP is essentially a one issue party.

Pretending to be something other than a one issue party is difficult.

It’s like a pop star or footballer pretending to be an actor!

UKIP has always been pro-immigration.

There is simply no point in voting UKIP anymore.

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