Tories – BNP policy only way forward

The BNP has been campaigning to have the burqa banned from the streets of Britain since 1982.

The burqa is a symbol of radicalisation. No ‘moderate’ Muslim wears one, and like the minarets on mosques, it’s a symbol of Islamic conquest and colonisation.

The wearing of the burqa is a blatant affront to every indigenous British person.

Concealing one’s identity is a direct act of hostility; it’s intimidating, threatening and a danger to the safety and wellbeing of the public at large.

That’s why scores of European countries have already followed BNP policy and banned the burqa including Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, Bulgaria, Switzerland and, most recently, Austria.

This fact, of course, hasn’t stopped the left wing media outlets spinning their own web of lies.

According to them, it is the BNP which supports Boris Johnson, in his declaring that the burqa has no place in British public life.

Along with the rest of his deplorable political class, Johnson is a self-serving career politician-for-hire and, like many politicians before him, regularly trawl through BNP policies to steal in order to win popular support.

What the BNP does support, however, is the wholesale theft and faithful implementation of BNP policy.

The BNP has always been, and continues to be, a monumental influence on British politics, years ahead of our opposition and leading the way in developing popular nationalist policies.

It’s why the politicians rely on the BNP for policies to lift.

With influence like that, the BNP is forcing change within British politics, whether BNP policy is enacted by the BNP or opportunist career politicians is irrelevant.

If faithfully and fully enacted, the BNP is winning and we move one step closer to saving our country.

It’s thanks to YOU, a loyal and committed BNP family member, that together we’re able to influence British politics so profoundly.

But we’re in this for the long haul!

To keep fighting for you, we need to make sure the BNP operation can function, firing on all cylinders, that’s why I’m asking you to dig deep today. 

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Fighting for you,

Adam Walker
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