Housing – BNP policy to provide homes for all

With five million Brits homeless, including thousands of ex-servicemen and their families, the BNP has created a serious nationalist policy for putting right the housing crisis.

Fortunately, our active membership includes several experts working at senior management level in social housing provision.

They got together with the BNP leadership team to produce the most in-depth and visionary nationalist housing policy ever.

The new 12-point plan covers every aspect of the problem and provides practical, well-thought out, nationalist answers to the housing crisis.

Better investment of capital

The BNP would implement a land tax on hoarded building land.

This would put more ‘brownfield’ redevelopment sites back into use and make new homes more affordable.

Instead of the Quantitative Easing £Billions being created by the Bank of England being handed to the greedy banks, the money should be invested in a huge programme of public works, including building social housing.

This would create jobs and apprenticeships as well as making Britain better.

Local communities should be involved much more in deciding the location of new homes and pinpointing what sort of infrastructure is needed to support new developments.


Recycling existing housing

A British National Party government would remove VAT on all house repairs, thus making renovation, especially piecemeal and by small firms, more attractive than demolition and new building by big developers.

In order to encourage the constructive use of empty houses, we propose that Housing Associations should become management agents for currently empty properties on long term leases of 15 years.

Owners who participate in the  scheme would be exempt from capital gains tax on the property and from tax on rental income, a proportion of which would be used to repay the initial Housing Association loans used to bring the properties up to proper standards for the new tenants.

Provide tax-breaks for all new developments to Code 6 standards (full insulation, etc), using modern technologies and construction methods.


Protect our common wealth

The British public face a crisis-driven lurch into the full-scale looting of Britain’s social housing stock.

The bankster-created financial crisis will be used as the excuse to complete the stealth transformation of our locally controlled council housing into privatised corporate rent-for-profit empires.

The systematic corporate theft of Britain’s common wealth includes not just social housing but also the utilities and transport networks.

Next on the corporate smash and grab list are education, policing and even sections of the military.

The BNP would not only reverse such privatisation scams, without compensation for the corporate looters, but also order police investigations and criminal prosecutions for politicians who have accepted back-handers, campaign donations and directorships from companies that have profited from their decisions while in government.

As a direct consequence of the unscrupulous and brain-dead housing ‘policies’ of the ConDem and Labour governments, homelessness in Britain is now at record levels.

It is a man-made disaster which is particularly hard on working families, pensioners and the young.

The latest Tory plans to make hundreds of thousands of young people homeless by removing their benefits, and to slash benefits for people living in the north of England, would add a vicious twist to the housing crisis and result in punishing the poor.

A nationalist government would create the house-building programme that would both create jobs and new homes.




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