Telford Muslim Rape Gang scandal worst slavery of whites – ever!

Another British town suffering Muslim Rape Gangs preying on white girls as young as 11!

With the authorities once again looking the other way while Muslims where drugging, gang raping, trafficking and murdering our children.

Telford is now Britain’s worst ever case of predatory Muslim rape and targeted racial abuse gangs.

As usual the rapists are exclusively Pakistani or Bangladeshi, a racial group which makes up
just 2% of the British population.

Tory MP for Telford, Lucy Allen, is one politician who has admitted “I wasn’t brave enough to talk about race – I wish I had,” the Tory career politician confessed to The Telegraph.

Instead, it was left to the ONLY group of people with any integrity and courage in British politics – the BNP – to fight tooth and nail to defend our children.

Only after we went to Telford and delivered over 40,000 leaflets, warning of the Muslim Rape Gang activity, Telford finally became the focus of yet another huge inquiry.

West Mercia Police admitted the horrors of Telford – Muslim Rape Gangs – were active in towns all across England and Wales, not just Telford and that the situation was just as bad or worse in those places.

Thanks to the courage of the BNP, the truly horrifying extent of the Muslims’ modern enslavement slavery of whites in Britain is now finally in the spot light and our children are being saved.

I guarantee you that we will never stop. We will fight until every Muslim Rape Gang has been eradicated in Britain and every police commissioner, politician and authority proved to have known about the horrors and been complicit are singled out, identified and prosecuted.

But for us to continue to wage this war we desperately need your help!

Only with the funds loyal patriots like you send can we continue this fight and free more British towns and cities from the terror of Muslim Rape Gangs.

This is one of the most urgent and vital appeals we have ever asked you to support, give us the tools and we will take the fight right into these nests of rapists and root them out.

This is far too vital to put to one side. No one else will help our children it is up to us – now!

Fighting for you and our children.

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman



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