Snowflakes can only hope the Left renews itself

The Left, for ideological reasons, approves of Mass Immigration.

It has also deserted the working-class, concerning itself instead with Political Correctness and identity politics.

The decline of the political left is heralding in a much-needed outbreak of sanity.

Hopefully, the swinging of the pendulum will bring a welcome pause to the seemingly endless foreign wars, and engineered and ‘regime changes’ a la ‘Arab Spring’ that have been forced on sovereign nations since 1963.

The Labour Party in Britain is in disarray because they have turned their backs on the British working class in favour of representing the massive influx of migrants which they welcome with open arms in a traitorous effort to replace their old voting bloc.

It’s not a matter of the Left failing to keep up with the times or failing to connect with their audience; it’s simply that the Left doesn’t work to create new wealth.

The Left is obsessed with the redistribution of wealth – a form of wholesale theft, which is no help to wealth creation – to reverse the current global downturn.

All the Left promises are more tax, more debt and more state control at a time when tax, debt and state control are the problems.

Snowflakes – those odious Leftists with a propensity for totalitarianism by trying to ban any ideas that they disagree with on the grounds of offence taking – believe the Left will renew itself since there will always be a space in politics for what THEY regard as equality and fairness.

Therein is the problem – there should NOT be equality of outcome.

The ‘equality’ must be that of opportunity – the outcome being determined by merit.

That’s the nationalist view, shared by true conservatives and libertarians alike.

Why can’t the politicians grasp this?

The extreme Left is responsible for much hate in today’s world; we see it across the West, from America to Britain, and from Germany to Australia.

As desperation on the political left takes further root, so their hatred and intolerance is becoming apparent with decent people turning their backs on the poisonous ideology.

The Leftist is doing a great job exposing their staggering hypocrisy and hate – it’s in their nature – they cannot help themselves, and they’ll continue until a state of collapse.



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