Fake news, failed policies and rampant political corruption – a hallmark of the political elite

What’s happened in the US happened here – exactly the same enemy is being kicked back against.

The protesters are reminiscent of terrorists:

Cowards who cover their faces, shout meaningless slogans, smash innocent people’s property, protest fascism while acting like fascist brown shirts.

Cowards who have no tolerance for any opposition to what they have been indoctrinated with, cowards who have no political nous, but use this as an excuse for hooliganism.

Cowards who don’t want to conform – but are actually conforming to terrorist agitators in their rage against everything, cowards with closed minds who try to shut down any opposition with violence while screaming the change of leadership will bring violence to the people.

A note to communists and globalists: Rioting and frightening folks won’t help you.

You are losing the argument because the common man and woman can see that you do not care for their interests, nor the future of their children.

Mercifully, Trump won, and Brexit won.

Had either or both failed, the globalism net would’ve shrunk tighter around everyone, which is just great if you’re an institutionalised Remainer or a Democrat who willingly enjoys today’s ‘liberties’ in exchange for tomorrow’s anarchy.

This now is a steering job, and tough guys are needed to push things back on the right road.

It’s frowned upon to talk morality these days – so yesterday – but without it, we descend into anarchy, chaos, and misrule, corruption and misery for ordinary people who just want a life.

While Leftists try to label President Trump as a fascist, they themselves have doubled down using the same Black Boot Totalitarian fascist tactics the Brown Shirts used in the late 1920s and early 1930s Germany.

Leftists are the fascists of the 21st century, not President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a true beacon of Freedom. Modern day leftists are the enemy of all the Western freedom loving people.

The Marxist rabble has been contained; they went too far for anyone’s comfort, but enough’s enough, and now, with a lot of effort and a bit of luck, we might not only be getting our nations back but also getting a reasonably sane world back.



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