Education: Waking up from 50 years of lies

Britain has had 50 years of lies from its left-wing infiltrated education system.

Education: 50 years of lies from the left-wing teaching profession
Brainwashing: 50 years of lies from the left-wing teaching profession

One of the major outrages in education now is the eagerness with which our teachers are pushing the Marxist agenda.

Formal education today is run by deluded narrative-focused leftists.

It is a breeding ground for the dysfunctional and permanently damaged ‘never ripened fruit’.

The left-wing dominated education system is sad as Britain used to be home to so many prominent writers and philosophers.

Therefore, we need to clear out the left-wing teachers as we cannot let them poison the young.

The cultural fascism and the aggressive intimidation of the left-wing zealots is an extreme danger to Britain.

The Left instructs us what to think about Islam, immigration, same-sex relationships, women, the environment, the NHS, and the EU.

Additionally, the Establishment has worked with the ideologically extreme left to create a bullying, abusive environment in which any dissent against the ideology is shouted down.

The judge and jury extremists of the Left sit in judgement of the rest of us with their extreme cultural ideology.

Furthermore, Hope not Hate thugs, Unite Against Fascism fascists, Antifa, Socialist Workers’ Party zealots, and mainstream media propagandists are anti-British.

The Left is scraping the bottom of their political barrel to resort to physical, verbal, and political intimidation.

This coercion involves insults, lies, and misrepresentation against those who disagree with their extremist ideology.

Well, the British people will no longer tolerate the destructive left-wing and single issue zealotry that is damaging our country so much.

The progressive Left’s establishment is firmly rooted in the entertainment industry, academia, and, to some extent, the legal profession.

This infiltration is dangerous because they want to shut down dissent and open debate.

Unfortunately, they have the money, the megaphones, the brainwashing, and the legal teams to do it.

Alternative news outlets

However, there is hope!

More people are realising that the mainstream media (MSM) publishes biased and distorted information.

The MSM will put a ‘spin’ (a particular emphasis or bias) on a story to further their anti-British agenda.

Consequently, people are turning to alternative news outlets to get away from the media’s fake news.

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