The fair treatment of animals is important to the BNP. The BNP believe a civilisation can be judged on how it treats animals.

The BNP will:

  • Ban the inhumane ritual slaughter of animals on religious grounds
  • Ban the export of live animals for slaughter
  • Triple the maximum jail sentence for animal cruelty
  • Extend the re-population programme of Red Squirrels, already successfully trialled in Scotland, to include the entire British Isles
  • Hold a fresh debate on the culling of badgers – far greater scrutiny of the data which warrants this cull as a measure to prevent the spread of TB must be undertaken
  • Continue to oppose the horrific EU policy of slaughtering seals for eating fish in the North Sea because the EU have allowed fish stocks to be decimated by over-fishing
  • Host a sensible and mature discussion on fox hunting to ensure that not only foxes are protected, but the identity and traditions of rural communities too