VICTORY as BNP stop poultry factory farm plans

The BNP has won its campaign to stop a planned intensive poultry farm in Lincolnshire going ahead.

Planning application for a factory intensive poultry rearing complex where up to three million chickens each year would be cruelly caged has been refused after Lincolnshire BNP swung into action on behalf of local residents and WON.

Residents concerned with animal welfare and the devastating impact on their village community in Glentham contacted their local BNP team to assist in coordinating a campaign to stop the plans going ahead.

Local BNP activists produced and disseminated a professional leaflet and poster designed to rally local people to raise their objections to the council.


The combined efforts of the BNP team and the residents’ group ‘Challenge Factory Farming’ was enough to pressure the local council into backing down.

BNP policy on the barbaric nature of intensive Factory Poultry Farming and the high proportion of birds headed for halal ritual slaughter – the market for which almost half of the birds would have been heading – proved enough to sway local opinion.

It’s a fantastic victory for the BNP in putting the interests of local people first. Well done BNP!



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