Following a successful leafleting session, BNP representatives were contacted for a meeting with counterparts in the Food & Farming industries.

According to those we met who had read about the BNP commitment to British Farming on the leaflet, workers within the Food & Farming industries have welcomed Brexit.

Leaving the European Union means freeing British farmers and food producers from the red tape put there by meddling Brussels bureaucrats.

Several issues were discussed during the meeting; the disastrous effects of Avian Flu being one, and the problem of unskilled immigrants driving down wages and work conditions being another.

The BNP position is clear: we want British workers growing vegetables here in Britain and our precious farm and grass lands protected and conserved for the rural community.

BNP – Supporting traditional British farming methods and campaigning against the imported horrors of halal ritual slaughter

The BNP has always encouraged everyone to buy British thereby supporting and investing in British food production.

Furthermore, the BNP has pledged that funding, currently through the EU and The Treasury through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), will be matched through subsidies the BNP will push for.

During the meeting we were informed that framers who had justified and genuine concerns of Bird Flu were simply told to keep their poultry inside.

Track record for commonsense and decency

Back in 2013, the BNP was the only political party in the Lincolnshire County Council Elections to highlight their support for local British farmers on their election leaflets.

We also campaign to preserve our precious greenbelt which is now disappearing under tarmac and being irreversibly destroyed to make way for housing for hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

Every farm worker we spoke with agreed that the horrific and barbaric practise of halal ritual slaughter should be banned.

The BNP were the only ones in the 2013 local elections to support local farmers

Dozens of young farm workers and key food production workers openly stated they voted Ukip in 2013, but are unimpressed with Ukip’s dithering on policy about the flood of foreign nationals taking British jobs.

It’s time that the British farming industry recognised which political party truly puts their interests first. The British National Party will put British Workers First and will return our agricultural industry to the position as the world’s premier food and crop producer.

After Article 50 is triggered and Britain leaves the EU for good, Britain will need to support British farmers.

BNP recognises that in local government, support for farming means local people being put first.

Isn’t it time you started actively making your community better and supporting the BNP to make British farming a priority?

Join us or get active in raising funds and helping manage our Agri–team to spread our Message of Hope in spirited close patriotic rural communities.

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