BNP join residents in opposing massive poultry factory plans

BNP Lincolnshire has swung into action to oppose a huge poultry slaughter house being developed in their area.

Signatories of a petition filed to oppose planning permission for an intensive factory poultry farm at Glentham in West Lindsey have approached their local BNP to assist in the campaign.

The proposed development, which will house as many as 420,000 chickens a time awaiting slaughter, was detailed to residents in a planning application in June ( no.136274) by West Lindsey District Council and schduled for development on the cusp of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.

The BNP regards intensive factory poultry farming a cruel practice.

On the scene: BNP teams have been out in Glentham and the surrounding area registering their solidarity with local residents

When considering that thousands of these birds will be subject to having their throats cut without the being stunned, and left to bleed to death in agony as part of the ritual slaughter to supply the ever increasing Muslim demand for halal chicken, the proposals have outraged locals.

With a planning committee scheduled for 15 November and plans set to be determined by 17 November, there’s no time to waste in raising strong objections.

Community action is effective when backed by a political party with a tradition of campaigning for animal welfare.

The BNP have campaigned for the banning of the horrific and inhumane practise of halal slaughter for decades.

The BNP has kicked off their campaign to support the local community with the release and delivery of a ‘Stop the Glentham Poultry Factory’ leaflet.


The ‘Stop the Glentham Poultry Factory’ campaign comes hot on the heels of another local BNP campaign to stop mosque plans in Louth which prompted the local Labour Party and their mainstream media (MSM) mouthpieces to frantically deny any such plans.

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