Corbyn chaos in Peterborough

Jeremy Corbyn visited Peterborough which has been ravaged by immigration and which voted 61% in favour of Brexit, informing the electorate he will leave the door to Britain wide open.

The unpopular Labour leader played the populism card disastrously in this marginal Parliamentary seat ‘shooting from the hip’ on a developing and reinvented farcical take on national pay policy.

But it was his ludicrous statement on migration which led to a U-turn on a pro migration policy which enabled viewers and the electorate to see that Corbyn and Labour have no intention of curbing Migration numbers.

The issues facing the NHS and in particular A&E are compounded in the Peterborough area which has seen an influx of migrants making the NHS even more unworkable at local level.

However Jeremy Corbyn stated in his unhinged speech “in many parts of the country public services depend on migrants, and people are blaming migrants for the pressure caused by Tory austerity.”

Pursued by journalists in his press conference, he cited the “worrying rise in race hate crimes”.

The facts state there is, of course, no increase in race hate crime.

What we have learnt is that the Labour ‘star’ has no clue on what concerns the residents of Peterborough who have endured the highest increase of migrants in the region.

Credibility is a thing of the past for Labour; The British National Party is in fact the exclusive home for nationalists and true patriots wanting real change and a halt on Immigration.

Help say farewell to Jeremy Corbyn by supporting the British National Party and recognising that we wish to represent the people in Peterborough who feel their acute concerns on migrants are still dismissed.

Take the decision to act today – join the BNP and time to put a total end to the migration chaos.

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