00418862-350The plan to reintroduce one of Britain’s iconic birds of prey is being supported by the British National Party.

The Hen Harrier, nicknamed the ‘skydancer’, is the focus of plans put forward by several wildlife experts and has been received backing from the government.

“Animal welfare has always been one of the issues at the heart of the British National Party,” stated BNP Chairman Adam Walker.

“We welcome the survival plan for the Harrier, but more needs to be done to protect and increase the numbers of one of our most iconic and beautiful native species.

“The BNP recognise that our wildlife is a crucial part of our national identity and that, as its custodians, we should all be collectively working to protect and preserve these precious birds.”

One of the reasons Harriers have suffered is because they prey on the grouse, prompting gamekeepers to treat the bird as a pest.

Relocating the birds away from game reserves, satellite tagging and tracking, monitoring and protecting the bird’s nests to prevent disturbance and destruction, and encouraging landowners to provide provisions for food are just a few of the plans due to be enacted.

It’s another campaign of the BNP to protect Britain’s iconic wildlife. Last year the BNP announced its policy of the reintroduction of the Red Squirrel to the whole of the British Isles.

Following the introduction of the voracious Grey Squirrel from North America in the late 19th Century, Red Squirrel numbers have plummeted in their competition for food.

Following successful pilots in Scotland to trap Red Squirrels and reintroduce them to other woodlands, the BNP is calling for the project to be extended nationwide.

When asked about further BNP policies for wildlife conservation, Mr Walker continued:

“Evidence that badgers are to blame for the spread of TB to livestock is at the very best scant, the BNP is campaigning for an immediate halt to badger culling.

“The BNP is also campaigning for a serious and mature debate on fox hunting to ensure the humane treatment of foxes while preserving the traditions of our rural communities.

“We’re demanding too, an immediate halt to the horrific practise of killing seals in the North Sea for eating fish, an EU policy implemented because of its catastrophic policy of overfishing resulting in the wiping out of vital fish stocks.”



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