50% of all new homes to go to immigrants

Almost 50% of all new homes constructed in the UK over the next five years will go to immigrants, meaning an extra home will need to be built every five minutes.

An incredible 5.3 million new properties are needed as the UK’s population continues to explode.

The Department for Communities and Local Government confirmed that up to 2.4 million houses will go to migrants.

According to the statistics, over the next two decades, the UK will need to house up to 243,000 new homes every year.

Net migration accounts for an estimated 45 per cent of this growth.

The figures were presented to the House of Lords in response to a question put by Lord Green, Chairman of Migration Watch, which campaigns for lower levels of migration.

Lord Green told the Upper House:

“To put the point slightly more dramatically, that would mean building a new home every five minutes night and day, for new arrivals until such a time as we can get those numbers down.

“I know there is a strong view in the House that there is a lot to be said for migration.

“All I am pointing out is that there are also costs.”

The calculations are based on official population projections made back in 2014.

They don’t take account Brexit which could see an end to European free movement and a reduction in net migration.

However, Migration Watch also points out that the projections are lower than actual net migration numbers.

Any new immigration controls will likely be phased in after we leave the European Union.

Migration numbers could take years to fall.

Migration Watch continued:

“Official Labour Force Survey data shows that over the last ten years 90 per cent of the additional households created in England were headed by a person born outside the UK.”

In London in the last ten years, people from overseas have headed up all the additional households.

Britain is now a land where foreigners come first and decent, hard-working Britons come last.

Immigrants come here and are immediately given council homes while Britons are pushed further and further back in the queue.

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