Failed Brexit Negotiator Olly Robbins Joins Goldman Sachs

Olly Robbins joins Goldman Sachs, the banking giant and major Remain campaign donor.

Olly Robbins giving evidence to Select Committee
Olly Robbins was the architect of Theresa May’s failed Brexit deal

He was the Prime Minister’s Europe Adviser and Chief Negotiator for Exiting the European Union.

Robbins (a senior British civil servant) was the architect of Theresa May’s Brexit deal that was rejected three times by Parliament.

Also, the former Prime Minister has further rewarded failure by giving him a knighthood.

It seems the Remain establishment has no shame whatsoever.

Many politically astute observers are wondering whether this corruption is deliberate. The intention must be to desensitise us to their blatant abuse of power.

The failed Brexit-in-name-only (BRINO) deal that Robbins arranged would have benefitted big business. So, it’s revolting that Olly Robbins should then get a senior job with Goldman Sachs and a knighthood.

Therefore, it’s shocking that there has been no outrage from Comrade Corbyn, Parliament’s official opposition. The Labour Party claim to stick up for “the many not the few.”

Instead, Her Majesty’s Official Opposition has been busy getting legislation through Parliament to force the government to disclose sensitive communications.

It seems like these crooks have corruption down to a tee; they’ve made it perfectly legal.

The BNP will always fight this level of corruption, and one day we will hold the likes of Olly Robbins to account.

The convention that allows departing Prime Ministers to confer honours on friends and cronies is wrong, and it needs to be changed.

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