Cue Operation Muslim Appeasement

Following an attack on Muslim worshippers outside Finsbury mosque in London last night, politicians lined up to lavish on Muslims the Politically Correct sacred status of ultimate ‘victim’.

Today, we heard strong words from Theresa May racially identifying the attacker as a lone, middle-aged “white man” and condemning the heinous crime as an “evil Islamophobic attack.”

Jeremy Corbyn was “overcome” and “distraught” – by the looks of his media publicity shots, far more so than when scores of British children were blown to pieces in Manchester by an Islamist suicide nail-bomber and when scores of revellers in England’s capital city ‘indiscriminately’ (though conflicting reports claimed the knifemen went for ‘white’ people) had their throats slit and were stabbed repeatedly to death in a frenzy of religious and racial hatred.

Islamist London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared that every one must report hate crimes and promised they would be dealt with, intimating that Muslims are the victims and should aid authorities in persecuting their fellow ‘British’ nationals – the white Kuffar.

Let’s get this into perspective; so a crazed lunatic drives a van into worshippers killing one and injuring at least ten – a truly sickening attack and one that the BNP condemns in the strongest of terms.

In the last two months alone, at least 30 people have been slaughtered in similarly horrific attacks by multiple Islamist terrorists in several orchestrated terror attacks.

The appalling attack on worshippers outside Finsbury mosque appears to have been retaliation for this mass murder of innocent Brits.

These attacks are a direct result of the mass immigration agenda of the political class which was forced on the British people without debate, referendum or any mandate whatsoever from the British people.

The spineless politicians are now terrified of the Islamist fifth-column monster they’ve brought into Britain and for good reason – they DO believe they have a mandate to kill and are divinely ordained to do so!

“Terrorism, extremism, and hatred take many forms, and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible,” said May.

Cue ‘Project Muslim Appeasement’.

In order to engineer some kind of balance, white Brits will now be targeted disproportionately to any apparent crimes they commit.

A witch-hunt will ensue, with an entire Commission due to be set up to hunt down apparent ‘Islamophobes’ in the community… and online, of course, because censorship of the internet has always been a priority for Theresa May.

Persecuting those who’ve been pushed to breaking point by the politicians’ pernicious and anti-British agenda will now be the government programme, one which desperately attempts to contain the inevitable murderous repercussions by Islamist jihadis.

Given her fanatical obsession with ‘diversity’, Theresa May appears to have been oblivious to the irony when stating:

“We shall not be divided.”

Look around, May, Britain is already divided, very divided, and your despicable ilk has engineered it so.

Now the politicians have lost control – and they know it!

Britain is facing a summer of social chaos and mayhem.

For all our sakes, let’s pray that the race war they’ve fomented and provoked for decades doesn’t break out.

The BNP demands action before more unhinged lunatics take matters into their own hands and commit atrocities in response to Islamist terror!

Read the BNP Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror here.



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