Crooks choose burqas to carry out crimes

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A gang of violent crook have been jailed for carrying out robberies across Manchester and concealing their identity by wearing Islamist burqas.

Over a twelve month period beginning June 2015, the gang stole £206,000 worth of gems and £76,000 cash from an Aldi supermarket, where they attacked a member of the public with a machete.

It was only down to the courage of a barrel shopper at Aldi in Bolton, Mark Cooper, that the gang were eventually apprehended prompting the judge to state that he should have received a reward.

The story which appeared in the The Times, quoted one Martin Reid, for the prosecution, who explained that Mr. Cooper had “heard screaming and shouting and saw a man in a burka running away from the supermarket towards him.

“Mr Cooper quickly realised what was happening and started running after him and tripped the male up.

“The male fell to the floor, face down and Mr. Cooper jumped on his back and struggled with him.”

[Editor: Sadly, not caught on video!]

“Two other men, both wearing burkas, then ran towards them carrying machetes.”

“One of the males hit Mr Cooper on the left shin with the blade of the machete and shouted ‘f*cking let him go’.”

The two leaders of the gang, Christopher Ryder, 30, of Timperley, and Michael Gabriel, 30, of Wythenshawe, received 22 and 21 years in jail.

In total, the gang of five received 87 years’ imprisonment.

Judge Tony Cross, QC, gave the two gang leaders, Christopher Ryder, 30, of Timperley, 22 years on jail and Michael Gabriel, 30, of Wythenshawe, 21 years.

“These robberies were designed to strike fear in the hearts and minds of the victims,” stated Judge Cross.

Given that they were dressed in the outrageous alien garment, he asserted that “all of your victims will be affected by what they experienced and some suffered physical and psychological harm.

“This was offending which was carefully planned.

“In the case of the Aldi robberies, you knew that significant amounts of money would have been on the premises and you knew full well that when you struck there would be members of the public present in the shops, some with young children.

“In each case, your gang armed yourselves with weapons, and the carrying of a machete was designed not only to strike fear, they were savage weapons which could have been used quickly to inflict serious injury so as to secure your escape.

“The injury inflicted on Mark Cooper was serious and had the blow hit an artery he might well have died.”

The BNP have been saying it for years, the fact this absurd garment is permitted in British society is proof of the politician’s failure to put the interests of the British people’s safety first.

The fact that the burqa is the choice of Islamists, terrorists, criminals – the very worse of the current Western society – speaks volumes.

If it’s not Islamists concealing their identity behind burqas, it’s terrorists and criminals.




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