This year, our Christmas message is different:

In this season of goodwill, our thoughts go out to the most vulnerable of our British people who are being crucified on the altar of Political Correctness by the politicians and the ruling elite.

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  • While Cameron is falling over himself to house thousands of Syrian ‘refugees’ that he’s brought in, more than 100,000 British children will wake up homeless on Christmas day!
  • While Cameron spends £Billions bombing Syria, here at home more than 9,000 ex-servicemen are forced to live on the streets!
  • Cameron has INCREASED Britain’s spending on foreign aid by 27.8% and this year is sending an incredible £12.2Billion in ‘foreign aid’ to the most corrupt countries on the planet, while here in OUR country, over 30,000 British pensioners will face freezing to death in their homes, having been forced to make the choice to Heat or Eat!

It’s a national disgrace!

As well as the humanitarian crisis in Britain, hundreds of thousands of British people now face spending their Christmas in emergency shelters.

Large-scale flooding has devastated towns and cities, where people have lost everything in the third flood of its kind in recent years.

Lives have been lost, bridges and roads have been washed away and whole towns are without power, clean water or basic supplies. Cameron made a fleeting visit to the areas worst hit.

Instead of pledging £Millions, as he always does to foreign disasters, he simply exclaimed that he hoped insurance companies pay out on time.


While the corporate media directs our attention to Cameron’s foreign wars, treating the public with contempt as usual, his press office have reportedly said: “This is a good day to release news we want to go unnoticed.”

It’s no wonder that they want to keep this outrage quiet: a sinister report has been published by the general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, the BBC and a High Court Judge demanding that Christianity is to be renounced as the official religion of the British Isles.

The British people are under attack! Everything that we represent, every pillar of our identity is being systematically torn down and demolished.

Not only are the sworn enemies of the British people doing their worse, but far more dangerously, the politicians and the army of powerful civil servants and officials – most of whom look like us – are openly attacking and destroying our identity, traditions and freedoms.

The Church of England’s response was predictably limp: “It’s unfortunate.”

Where are the outcries from civil rights movements? Where are the outcries of racial and religious discrimination and injustice against the British people? Where are the outcries against religious persecution?

The ruling elite is actively working towards the annihilation of the British people, the public are being distracted, threatened, lied to and manipulated into accepting it as inevitable.

Well, I am here to tell you IT IS NOT INEVITABLE!

We CAN and WILL defend our British Isles, our identity and our people. You, me and the British National Party are now the thin red line and that line must hold!

The British National Party is the only group fighting for the survival of the British people.

We retain that British indomitable spirit of justice, fair play and strength of resolve, and as long as we stay together, strong and defiant, then we can weather this storm.

Having weathered it, we can begin repairing the damage that Political Correctness has done to our people.

Our enemies know it too. That’s why they’ve done everything they can to destroy and silence the BNP – and failed every time.

They’ve failed because we have the truth on our side and the more they put down our people, the greater our outrage, and the deeper our determination grows!

ONLY the British National Party is speaking out against anti-British attacks and is fighting for equality and justice for the white indigenous British people – no one else dares!

If we are not fighting for the rights of the British people, then no one is!

OUR race and our nation will survive! More than that, we will thrive.

So today I am asking YOU to stand with me in our fight to house the British homeless, our fight to raise British children out of severe poverty, our fight to ensure British pensioners survive the freezing winters and our fight to make sure animals are not ritually slaughtered to appease the bloodlust of backward foreign religions!

That’s our mission. It will take time, great determination, hard work, finances, and the most vital ingredient, YOU.

Together we stand as the Best of British! We have a glorious history of brave visionaries, fighting against the odds for what they knew was right.

We are today’s generation of British patriots. Our fight, like that of those before us, is for the very survival of our precious and unique identity and for our national homeland. In this fight, failure is simply not an option!

We can, and will do this, but I need your backing!

Please send your most generous online donation TODAY here.

Let’s make sure that the outrages committed against our people this Christmas, is a rallying call for all patriots to stand up and say: “Enough is Enough!”

Let us fully commit to our mission my friends… the future depends on the actions we take TODAY!

I would like to wish you a thoughtful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours faithfully,

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman



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