The BNP is implacably opposed to the Labour/Tory regimes’ Mass Immigration policy which, if left unchecked, will see Britain and most of Europe colonised by Islam within a few decades.

The BNP recognises that Islam, by its very nature, is incompatible with modern secular Western democracy.

The BNP will protect our identity and heritage because it is the cornerstone of our culture and freedom.

The BNP will:

  • Revoke citizenship for anyone who gives aid and comfort to enemies of Britain
  • Refuse permission for any further mosques – including conversion or new build – because Britain has enough for its Muslim population
  • Deny permission for any more mosques and minarets – which are little more than symbols of territorial conquest
  • Ban the burqa and niqab
  • Closer monitoring of teaching practises and curriculums in schools
  • Negotiate peace treaties with Muslim nations, withdraw British troops from Muslim lands and refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Islamic nations
  • Defend our traditional Christian faith
  • Ban Sharia law
  • Ensure that existing community buildings such as pubs and churches are not turned into mosques