The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch of the British National Party meeting with local people recently have received huge support for their credible campaign to ‘Secure Our Borders’.

In Lincolnshire, the housing of many ‘Syrian’ bogus refugees along with the influx of Eastern European migrants has led to many voters agreeing that Britain needs the BNP.

Residents tell us they agree that it is time to Secure Our Borders as a result of the following:

• 2016 has been a year of Islamic terror attacks in Europe and there is an entire network of terror groups threatening Britain.

• 2016 data and statistics confirm that illegal immigration into the UK is at an all time high and many of these illegals simply stay.

• 2016 has seen over 1000 women in Pakistan killed in honour killings as a result of Sharia Law – the BNP says NO to Sharia Law and NO to the abuse of women – it’s an growing threat in Britain!

• 2016 proved that the British public want to see an end to Mass Immigration following the credible EU referendum result. The public want certainty that Immigration must halt.

• 2016 confirmed that the tidal wave of illegals and dangerous criminals entering the UK is accelerating. 85% of Brits agree with us – it’s time to close the doors!

Like many folk talking to us it’s time to put the talk into action and time to join the BNP!

If residing or working in Lincolnshire a BNP Meeting is the ideal place to meet like minded patriots.

For details of a January 2017 Branch Meeting contact: Lincolnshire BNP, PO Box 9128, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 9DD



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