affordable-housing-london-coverBritish people are always put last on social housing queues behind immigrants because they are invariably already classed as “accommodated” as they live with other family members, a whistleblower has told the Daily Mail.

In a shocking inside story, the Daily Mail today published a long interview with a whistleblower working inside a social house agency in London.

The whistleblower, codenamed ‘Chris,’ lifted the lid on how immigrants are ruthlessly exploiting the social housing system.

According to the interview, the social housing system is “designed to help the destitute” but is being abused by “undeserving chancers and cheats.”

The interview then goes on to describe in detail one of the many cases with which Chris had to deal, including that of a recently arrived Somali family who did not want a three story £1 million mansion in central London because it did not come with an automatic right-to-buy discount.

“I thought that question was a bit odd, considering the family supposedly didn’t have a penny to their name, which was why they were throwing themselves on the mercy of the good old British taxpayer.

“Where would they get the funds to buy a townhouse in central London? This ‘penniless’ family also wanted to know whether they got a residents’ parking space with the property.

“I had to tell them ‘No’ to that as well. They shrugged and spread their arms, as if to say: ‘How on earth do you expect us to live here? Why are you wasting our time dragging us here?’ And off they went,” Chris told the newspaper.

The whistleblower also revealed out the system, “rewards those family members who have just stepped off a plane by giving them a wonderful property in a central location, while Britons who have been here for years or even generations have got no chance of getting to the top of the list.”

Chris explained that this is because: “British applicants tend to be already living with family — parents, etc. — so technically qualify as being housed. Recent arrivals with kids in tow do not and are given priority.”

He also revealed that a big problem amongst Turkish abusers of the system is that they want properties where they can erect large satellite dishes to watch Turkish TV.

“How are they paying for it? Tenants who are supposedly on the breadline often have luxury goods like plasma TVs,” Chris said.

“Properties with open-plan kitchens can be a problem too, as Somalian or other Muslim ‘customers’ often don’t want a kitchen that opens straight on to a reception room, and these type of houses are always turned down.

“I was given the reason by one man: If he wanted to invite other men around to play cards or whatever, he didn’t want them to see his wife making food in the kitchen.”

The full shocking interview, which contains many more examples of how Third World immigrants are ripping off the system, can be found here.



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