Trump bans Muslim immigrants

President Trump is set to sign executive orders to crackdown on immigration from Syria and six other ‘dangerous’ countries.

The crackdown on immigration will effect those coming from Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Yemen – countries known for Islamic extremism and deemed ‘dangerous’ by US intelligence.

Other executive orders are expected to implement a temporary restrictions on asylum seekers.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump promised a crackdown on immigration on the grounds of national security – a policy echoing that of the British National Party.

The BNP policy, which was formulated in November 2014, is to introduce a National Security Moratorium stopping ALL immigration into Britain until the politicians’ Immigration shambles can be sorted out.

President Trump has wasted no time in putting his election pledges into effect.

Earlier today he has already signed the first of several executive orders authorising the building of a wall along the US border with Mexico with building is expected to begin today.

BNP Chairman, Adam Walker, was quick to comment on the ground-breaking executive orders:

“President Trump has set an unprecedented record in political office for not only honouring his promises on policy, but making sure they happen right away.

“It highlights the fact that the rotten old political elite in the West have clearly been attending to the will of their globalist paymasters all theses years, while trampling on the will of the people and excusing themselves by blaming it on their incompetence.

“If Mr Trump can bring immigration under control with several signatures, what on Earth have our useless politicians been doing all these years in Westminster?

“It’s time to drain the Westminster swamp of the traitorous career politicians.

“We desperately need people in office with the conviction and honesty of a President Trump.”

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