‘007’ cyber terrorist jailed for 8 years

Freedom Post

A ‘British’ Islamist has been jailed after being found guilty of aiding and abetting the enemies of Britain by creating a ‘one stop shop’ for Muslim terrorists.

Samata Ullah, 34, described by one MSM outlet as a ‘computer whizz’, uploaded untraceable terrorist instruction manuals to his blog and created USB memory sticks containing encrypted ‘self help’ guides, then attempted to disguise them as cufflinks.

Linked to an Islamist terror suspect awaiting trial in Kenya, police suspicions were further heightened when the majority of orders for Ullah’s cufflinks were found to have been sent to troubled Middle Eastern and African countries and Pakistani colonies in the UK – not really a stable dress item for an Islamist jihadi!

Head of the Met’s counter-terrorism command SO15, Commander Dean Haydon, said:

“It is the first time we have seen anything on this scale.

“He was an internet terrorist.

“He had set up a self-help library for terrorists around the world and they were using his library.

“There was guidance on encryption, ways to avoid detection from police and security services, expert tuition around missile systems and a vast amount of propaganda.

“Just because Ullah’s activity was in the virtual world, we never underestimated how dangerous his activity was.

“This is just the sort of information that may have helped people involved in planning devastating, low technical level attacks on crowded places as we have seen in other cities across the world.

“He sat in his bedroom in Wales and created online content with the sole intention of aiding people who wanted to actively support Isis and avoid getting caught by the authorities.”

Under a BNP Government, British citizens caught aiding and abetting the enemies of Britain will be tried for treason.



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