Why deport terrorists when we can build a wall round the Eiffel Tower?

France deciding to build a bullet-proof wall around the Eiffel Tower instead of around its border demonstrates that French politicians regard national monuments more important than their citizens.

Nothing will inspire confidence in tourists like putting up a huge bulletproof wall around the Eiffel Tower.

Has the entire civilised world has lost its mind?

For over a century – during two world wars, and the occupation of France – no wall protecting the Eiffel Tower was needed.

What has changed?

The simple answer: Demographics and the introduction of hordes of people from alien cultures and continents.

Had the politicians not opened the gates wide, this would not be necessary.

The cynical amongst us might well wonder if it was deliberate – forcing the people to turn to the state for more protection.

If France had controlled her Immigration – better still, kept her gates closed – this wouldn’t be necessary.

Political Correctness is transforming Paris into a piecemeal guarded fortress that tourists will continue avoiding in increasing numbers.

The Eiffel Tower opened to visitors in 1889.

128 years later, instead of protecting the nation of France from terrorists, the French government has opted to erect walls around their cultural icons, while those that wish the nation and people ill are permitted and welcomed to live among them.

Can the BNP make a suggestion?

• Place a moratorium on ALL Muslim immigration to France
Do not let those who wish the country harm enter the country – common sense; you might have thought? Clearly not for the political class and brainwashed, limp-wristed liberals!

• Deport ALL Islamists from France
If their countries of origin refuse to take them, then build a wall around a detainment compound instead of the Eiffel Tower, and detain those threatening the state until negotiations (and trade sanctions, if necessary) are reached with the obstinate nation.



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