Le Pen – Bring back borders and franc

Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National has called for a new French currency and said she will hold a referendum on France’s membership of the European Union if she is elected French President later this year.

The interview for news channel BFM TV saw Ms Le Pen calling for a “national currency”, although she did fall short in calling for an end to the Euro Dollar, implementing that the two currencies could work side-by-side.

“I want a national currency with the euro as a common currency,” she announced.

The interview continued showing how the Front National candidate is positioning herself ahead of the elections in Spring.

Marine Le Pen also called for the abolition of Europe’s open-borders Schengen agreement, obviously in reference to the horrific terror attacks that blighted the country last year.

“We have a country that is getting poorer,” she said.

“We can no longer provide quality care to all our compatriots because our social security system is exhausted.”

“Our hospitals are overloaded,”

“We are no longer able to offer, in certain regions, a school worthy of the name to our children, because they are overburdened by illegal immigration.

“So why continue? For ideological reasons? I am opposed to those who have an ideological vision of immigration and I think that, given the situation in France, it must stop.”

A defiant Ms Le Pen was asked a question by someone called Nabil, why it was that his parents could not vote despite having residence permits.

She quickly responded:

“I totally agree with the fact that these people do not have the right to vote because I believe the right to vote is linked to nationality.

“Either one is French and can vote, or one is not French and cannot vote.”

She also said that she will remove the right of immigrants to acquire French citizenship just by being born on French soil or having resided in the country for a number of years.



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