Whistle blower destroys online SJW hate hoax op

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Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are at it again, and once again they’ve been caught red-handed.

YouTube Vlogger Candace Owens has blown the whistle on a far-reaching international left-wing false flag operation by SJWs to break apart Western society through the promotion of hate, lies, and deceit.

This revelation is huge!

Freedom fighters of all stripes have long since known the political left are at the centre of the societal strife.

We’ve known too that they function by way of staging hate hoaxes to clamp down on freedom of speech; lying through their MSM outlets to foment social unrest, funding racist-pressure groups such as Black Lives Matter and committing crimes while masquerading as ‘right-wing activists’.

The following story is one which forced a former SJW to take the ‘red pill’.

The Candace Owens story is the latest episode in the ongoing war between good and evil.

Here’s a rough outline of the story:

Having experienced online bullying, Candace set up a Kickstarter fund to raise money for an anti-bullying project.

Her mission statement claiming that “what we are doing is figuratively lifting the masks of trolls,” prompted a phone call from one Zoe Quinn.

Racist hate hoaxer Zoe Quinn caught out again on her second SJW mission, this time lying on a massive scale to foment Black hatred of Whites

Editor: Where have we heard the name Zoe Quinn before?

Of course! The 2014 Gamergate scandal in which ‘anonymous white men’ were cited by Quinn along with gamer developers who had refused to conform to Political Correctness as antagonists.

For those that missed the Gamergate ordeal, Sargon of Akkad’s video provides the best insight.

During the ensuing phone call, Quinn told Ms Owens that she must discontinue her fundraising operation.

Should Ms Owens fail to do so, Quinn assured her that she would be attacked online by ‘vicious Trump-supporting’ ‘anonymous white men’ and doxed (the publishing of private information about one’s identity and their employers informed and harassed).

With the veiled threat failing to perturb Ms Owens, Quinn became hysterical exclaiming that “if you don’t, it will ruin everything!” before slamming down the phone.

True to her word, “within two hours” racial abuse began being sent to Ms Quinn’s from Twitter handles as comical as @WhiteGuyForTrump (LOL).

Ok, so what’s this episode all about?

Well, here’s the scoop:

Zoe Quinn – at the time the Head of Twitter’s approved (blue ticked) Anti-Harassment team – and her SJW colleagues are masquerading as ‘anonymous white men’ with pro-Trump email addresses and Twitter handles while viciously attacking political opponents and anyone who they think will expose them.

Ms Owens haplessly, by way of her anti-bullying project, posed a serious risk to the anonymity of this legion of vicious and hateful ‘anonymous white men’ which are actually SJWs sending Blacks, who stray off the political reservation, the vilest racist abuse thinkable and even death threats.

Oh, how the pigeons have come home to roost!

While there are likely a handful of genuinely irrational, vile and hateful people that might consider themselves on the political right, the home of the most insidious in politics is firmly on the left.

In case you missed our article published last year about false-flag leftist hate crimes, check it out here.

The fight against Political Correctness is now a Culture War.

The reason the political left for decades swept the board in Western politics is because they seized, through stealth, all the institutions:

Films, music, children’s shows, news media, nonprofit groups, online social networks, and the list goes on…

In shaping young people’s opinions through these apparently benign media, the left almost guarantees that when it later comes to politics, the victim is already preprogrammed as an SJW.

The culture war is vital in our fight to save Western culture from annihilation by the left.

Now you know that fighting against Political Correctness in all its forms is the most virtuous struggle you can undertake and by joining the BNP you have made the greatest commitment to the good fight.



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