Remainers continue their lies about ‘hate crimes’

The losers in the Remain campaign camp are at it again – blaming others of having committed the hate crimes carried out by themselves.

Stop the Silence campaign accuses a Muslim-looking man of claiming hate crimes against him as a result of the Brexit vote

Having been soundly beaten in a democratic referendum, reinforced by a landslide vote in Parliament, Remain losers are looking to the decrepit specimens in the House of Lords as their last hope.

Stop the Silence campaign was set up by Remainers on Crowdfunder and has raised £70,000-to-date resulting in the production of an ill-conceived Politically Correct billboard ad.

It’s delightfully PC, featuring four ‘faces of diversity’ – a young and old white female alongside two ‘ethnic’ men – naturally, straight white males need not apply!

All four have their mouths covered, over which are printed spurious claims of outcomes that Brexit has allegedly brought about, one of which – made by a Muslim male, according to the poster – is a rise in ‘hate crimes’.

The facts are in: Hate crimes, hate crime hoaxes, and fake hate crime reports are overwhelmingly committed by the liberal/left.

Last December, the BNP produced a report on the rise of the Leftist hate crime hoax phenomenon which has taken hold in Britain after the Brexit vote and in the United States following President Trump’s election.

Hate crime hoaxes take two guises: One is to have a leftist vandal or thug commit the crime and leave ‘proof’ that it was nationalists by scrawling some symbol at the scene which is then attributed to nationalists. Another is to simply have the MSM (mainstream media) report the crime in a fake news article as having been committed by nationalists.

Recently in the US, a spate of Jewish graveyards have been vandalised.

Who dunnit?

Well, the truth can be gleaned from the deafening silence of the MSM on the issue.

Have they blamed their imaginary hordes of ‘neo-nazis’ committing these outrages as they usually do?

No, because they cannot possibly substantiate it given the scrutiny of them as a result of their proclivity to report ‘fake news’.

These anti-semitic attacks are coming from the political Left, but the facts don’t fit the MSM narrative, so they simply don’t report it.

And for the record: Stop the Silence, Brexit voters didn’t vote for hate crimes either, so get your own house in order and stop peddling lies.



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