What’s warmonger McCain doing in Syria two weeks before chemical attack?

From Freedom Post

It’s clear as day that President Trump is no longer calling the shots.

In fact, he declared it so in his inauguration speech in January 2017, effectively handing the CIA and the myriad of intelligence agencies that comprise the US Deep State carte blanche to continue operations unimpeded by his presidency – to rapturous applause from CIA and intelligence officials and staff.

President Trump must now do as he’s told, and if it goes against everything he’s previously said and every promise he’s made in the past, so be it.

As a result, the destruction of Syria and the removal of the legitimate head of state, Bashar al-Assad, is back on the agenda.

So too is the war with Russia which professional political puppet and career criminal, Hillary Clinton, was so desperate to bring about.

In fact, the entire ‘Project for the New American Century’ (PNAC) agenda is back on the table.

Laid out in its official white paper released by the Neocon think tank prior to George W Bush’s election in 2001 it plots, among other things, the overthrow (referred to as ‘regime change’) of the governments of seven Middle Eastern and African states.

On that list is Iraq (done), Libya (done), Iran, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.

And who is its most fanatical proponent? – one Senator John McCain – a man who engaged in a heated exchange of words with Donald Trump during his election campaign when the latter brought into question McCain’s status as a war hero.

Senator John McCain with Syrian ‘rebels’ plotting the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad

Two weeks ago, the Neocon hawk McCain was in Syria.

In 2013, while in Ukraine, a device belonging to one of McCain’s aides was allegedly compromised by Russian hackers on which they found a video of a staged ISIS ‘beheading’ in a studio.

It’s all a ‘nutty conspiracy theory’ tweeted McCain after the video was posted on YouTube.

After a group of delegates from the British National Party travelled to Damascus to work with the Syrian Government, resulting in an official government letter being sent to MPs in Britain which tipped the crucial parliamentary vote against war with Syria, an enraged McCain appeared on the Jay Leno programme announcing that:

“Britain is no longer a world power.”

There’s clearly a civil war going on in the White House between those who want to ‘Make America Great Again’, and the same old Deep State faces who are hell-bent on waging foreign wars and furthering the globalist agenda.

Can President Trump wrest back power from the Deep State? It’s not looking good!



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