VIDEO – Political police attack anti-lockdown peaceful protestors, Marxist media covers up the brutality


Shocking video footage has emerged of the attacks by police on peaceful protestors during Saturday’s London demonstration against the Government’s draconian ‘lockdown’ measures.

Thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square to voice their opposition to the power-drunk Tory government stepping up its ‘lockdown’ in the name of ‘coronavirus’ which it imposed on the British people back in March.

The BBC and other Marxist media outlets refused to report the extent of the outrageous attacks by police during which women were hurled to the ground and concerned citizens rushed and beaten by baton-wielding, power-crazed police units.

Outrage: Political police rush peaceful protestors in brutal baton attack


Disgrace: Political police kneel before jeering Marxist Black Lives Matter supporters overseen by smirking officer

The Third-World policing measures were authorised by diversity-hire police chief, Ade Adelekan, who defended the excessive use of force by claiming that protestors were breaking the government mandated draconian ‘lockdown’ laws.

Politically Correct police chief Ade Adelekan ordered brutal baton attacks on anti-lockdown protestors

“In the interest of public safety, officers then worked quickly to disperse crowds,” Commissar Adelekan stated.

Earlier this year, violent Leftwing extremists and terrorists from racist groups including Black Lives Matter (complete in illegal Black Power political uniforms) and Antifa took to the streets to flex their muscle and tear down and vandalise statues of British cultural figures and heroes, including that of WWII national leader and freedom-fighter, Winston Churchill.

Rather than arresting these violent political activists flouting coronavirus rules, police disgraced and shamed our nation by kneeling in submission to the marauding extremists.

The double-standards highlights the growing cultural civil war that Marxists of all stripes have been fueling, aided and abetted by Politically Correct police chiefs in working in tandem with traitorous and cowardly politicians and Marxist-seized institutions.

Black Power militants are encouraged to march on our streets in illegal political uniforms while breaking government lockdown laws, encouraged by submissive kneeling political police officers

The Leftwing political activists who have seized the top jobs in British policing have issued the order to allow BLM criminal racists to run amok on our streets while sending in riot police with batons to attack White British citizens for… breaking ‘health and safety’ “risk assessment.”

Enough is enough!

We are now in a culture war!

A war in which we must fight the oppression of a tyrannical government which seeks to take everything from us: Our nation; our culture; our history; our freedom; forcing us native Brits to become second-class citizens in our own homeland.

It’s time you joined the BNP in resisting and holding the government and their political police force to task for their anti-White racism and oppression of British citizens.

If, for any reason, you are unable to join a political party, you can do your bit today by donating over the phone by calling 0757 254 8669 or donating online here.



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