Brexit Betrayal – Parliament vs The People

Britain’s House of Commons has voted to reject Theresa May’s so-called ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ just hours before Britain was scheduled to leave the European Union (EU), with or without a deal.

This week, Parliament betrayed the people, denying the will of the British electorate by voting to postpone Brexit months or even years into the future.

It’s now apparent that those seeking to thwart Brexit are doing so by way of a calculated series of delays to buy themselves more time.

Brexit delayed is Brexit denied!

Back in 2016, May delayed triggering Article 50 for eight months.

EU referendum 2016: Theresa May the Remainer wants Brexit delayed
Fox in charge of the hen house: Europhile Remainer Theresa May was placed in charge of negotiating the conditions for Brexit to sabotage the process

After that followed a two year notice period, then another delay of three months.

Since then, Britain’s lawmakers have voted against the settlement the Prime Minister agreed with the EU twice, and the government was blocked from bringing it to Parliament again.

Yet by splitting the deal into two pieces, the “Brexit in name only” apparently comes before Parliament again as a different vote in spirit only.

The real purpose of these delays is to wear down the will of the people to make them tiresome and weary of the whole process.

It’s a trick contrived by those in the political class which are doing the bidding of their globalist paymasters at the expense of the British people they were elected to represent.

The British National Party continues to lead the struggle for freedom against the corrupt political class and the EU tyranny they are hellbent on imposing on the British people.

Isn’t it time you joined the protest against the despised political class and hold them accountable for the betrayal of the British people?

Join the ORIGINAL Brexit political party, the BNP, online here today.



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