Super rich get their own police force

Three of London’s wealthiest neighbourhoods are about to have their own private police force.
Former Metropolitan police detectives Tony Nash and David McKeley have constructed the most sophisticated to date private agency to police the streets of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Mayfair – home to the super rich and a host of the despised and corrupt political class.
The agency, called ‘My Local Bobby’ (MLB), is set to be the first to offer pay-as-you-go police service, operating from local street level all the way up to private prosecutions.
As of this month, there will be around 20 privately-paid ‘police’ officers working for the private company.
The plans were laid out back in 16th May 2012 when the current unelected Prime Minister, Theresa May, was Home Secretary on the cabinet of the failed and disgraced then Prime Minister, David Cameron.
On the 16th May 2012, The Independent reported that rank-and-file police accused the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, of being “on the precipice of destroying a police service that is admired and replicated throughout the world.”
Fastback to April 10th 2017 – Theresa May is now the unelected Prime Minister of Britain and London’s elite now have their own private police force.
The move appears to be a benchmark for where Britain is heading under the May regime.
This precedent of privatising our British police force, a once globally revered institution, now paves the way for the entire service to disintegrate into a mercenary gun-for-hire gold-rush where only the super rich are protected from criminality and tsafety and justice is reserved for the privilaged, sure rich – natural, including Theresa May and her political class.
The Conservative government’s austerity agenda has left policing in England and Wales in a “potentially perilous state”, according to a recent report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).
Apparently by coincidence, budget cuts introduced by the Tories – in excess of 20% – have acted to pave the way for total privatisation of the police force.
When accused by The Times of having signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the MLB, the Met issued a categorical denial.
If this was actually the case, it would permit the private firm unprecedented access to the public sector’s Police National Database (PND).
The controversial PND contains sensitive data on over 15 million people.
This list is not limited to convicted criminals, even those who with the most minor or unjust brush with the law is retained on the database for life.
The Met was quick to deny this accusation, responding to an investigation by The Canary that it has “no knowledge” of such a Memorandum of Understanding.
A Home Office spokesman told the journalist:
“The public should also be in no doubt that the Metropolitan Police has the resources it needs to police London – there is more funding per head of population than anywhere else in the country.”
Regardless of any other indictment, the Home Office claim  about the lack of resources elsewhere in the country.
It’s clear that the privatisation of the police force is the correct agenda of the Tory government which has proved itself as the keenest proponent for the whole-sale of the every public sector institution which the British taxpayer pays for.
Could Tory budget cuts be a planned route to privatisation?
The BNP will make sure the British Police remain state owned, properly funded and publicly accountable.



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