Sex Pest Fallon takes a fall

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Could there be a more privileged and depraved group of people than the Establishment political class?

Last night at 7:30pm, Theresa May’s Defence Home Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, resigned in disgrace after he appeared to confirm a track record of being a sex pest.

The shock departure is the latest blow to the already beleaguered and deeply unpopular Theresa May cabinet, and the most high-profile casualty of the ongoing Westminster sex harassment scandal.

“I accept that in the past I have fallen below the high standards that we require of the Armed Forces,” Sir Fallon stated in his letter to the Prime Minister.

“I have reflected on my position and I am therefore resigning as Defence Secretary.”

It appears that it took a victim stepping forward for Sir Fallon to, all of a sudden, recall on slew instance in which he engaged in sexual harassment, because according to The Sun newspaper, he even warned Prime Minister Theresa May that he had a track record of this kind of behaviour and “couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be more stories like Julia Hartley-Brewer.”

To his shame, Sir Fallon took authority of the British Armed Forces in full knowledge of his inability to live up to the “high standards” he deemed vital for the position.

But hey, what career politician wouldn’t attempt to hide a sordid track record as a sex pest if it promised them a wealth of taxpayers’ money and another title.

The political class in Britain are a truly depraved kind of creature, claiming moral superiority while being up to the eyeballs in sexual debauchery.

And they’ve been at it for decades, with the Conservative’s Ted Heath being the poster boy for the most heinous sexual transgressions in the history of British politics.

Sir Fallon will not be the last of the Westminster swamp-dwellers to be forced to answer to their shameful track record.



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