How to save our NHS – Part 1

We can save our NHS (National Health Service) by never again using Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals. 

So, the answer to the NHS problems is not privatisation or trying to save money by cutting staff, beds and patient services.

The way to save our NHS is to recognise that the only thing that needs cutting is the paying of Billions of pounds for fraudulent Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals.

So, these rotten deals, signed by a Labour government implementing Tory privatisation policies, are the source of the bills that are bleeding taxpayers white and the NHS to death.

Finally, paying £250 Billion for £60 Billion-worth of hospital building work wasn’t an investment, it was a corporate three card trick.

Another Conservative rip-off

Wonder why the Health Service is in crisis? Just look at the costs of basic maintenance thanks to the Private Finance Initiative rip-off:

£242 to change a padlock
North Staffs

£525 to move three beds
County Durham

£184 to install a bell in reception
North Cumbria

£13,704 to install three lights in a garden
North Staffs

£169 on a call-out to open a locker

£676 to put up four fire assembly point notices
Avon and Wiltshire

£75 for an air freshener
North Cumbria

£8,450 to install a dishwasher
Hull & East Yorkshire

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