NHS disaster – who’s to blame?

There’s been a lot of coverage recently on how the NHS is failing miserably.

In a recent edition of the British Medical Journal Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, chairman of the House of Commons Health Select Committee wrote:

“The political response to a health and care system in severe distress, and more importantly to the people it serves, has been dismal.

“There has been a failure to grasp the scale of the financial challenge facing both health and social care and the consequences and inefficiency of their continuing separation.”

Nowhere in the article does Sarah Wollaston mention the pressures of immigration, such as the huge amount of ‘health tourists’ arriving in Britain on a daily basis, costing our NHS more than £6billion in the past eight years alone, treating foreigners from the European Union in UK hospitals.

This figure does not include those from outside of the EU who are taking advantage of the government’s open door policy of allowing free medical care to the world, at the expense of you, the British taxpayer.

One recent case involved a pregnant mother who flew to Britain from Nigeria and was treated at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.

The hospital is said to be chasing payment for the caesarean section the unidentified woman had, followed by intensive care treatment for the two babies. It is estimated that the cost of this visit alone to one of our hospitals has cost the British taxpayer at least £350,000.

There were 13,077 overseas patients given treatment in the UK in 2015-16, according to data from the 90 hospitals who responded to freedom of information requests. Of those, over 3,000 were mothers who arrived in the country to give birth.

What all those who make comment on the failings of the NHS refuse to admit and mention is the huge elephant in the room – IMMIGRATION.

Without people being allowed to turn up from anywhere in the world to take advantage of the health service we pay for, the NHS would be a lot better off, and would be able to provide much needed care for those most in need.

Millions of Brits have spent their lives making financial contributions to the upkeep of the NHS. Why should they suffer because failed policies of consecutive governments have refused to grasp the immigrant nettle?

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To ease the burden on our NHS, the British government should adopt two British National Party policies.

The first is to have a moratorium on immigration, starting TODAY!

We don’t need or want any more immigrants taking advantage of, and destroying the NHS we have worked so hard for.

The second is to use the yearly £13 billion thrown into the ‘foreign aid’ bottomless pit to make the lives of British people better.

Using just some of that wasted budget on the NHS would make a huge difference to the lives of those suffering unnecessarily.

To help us to continue putting pressure on the government to look after our people take action today and join the BNP.

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