• Introduce a Local Connection Assessment tests for social housing to ensure priority for local social housing goes to local people

• Each applicant must demonstrate historical association with the area by birth, family or employment.

Special consideration will be extended to ex-servicemen and their families, and the most vulnerable of our people including those that are homeless and those suffering from domestic abuse.

At present, the vast majority of the profit from the sale of council houses under the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme goes direct to the Treasury.

The BNP will fight to ensure that this profit goes to the local council to be reinvested in affordable housing developments on ‘brownfield’ sites.

• Implement a land tax on hoarded building land to ensure that more ‘brownfield’ land is developed

• Create a massive building programme for low-rent social housing that would both create jobs and new homes

• Scrap the ‘bedroom tax’

• Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO). Campaign for a strict regulation (licencing and business rates) of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and a crackdown on ‘beds in sheds’ to control overcrowding and the spread of diseases