PM Theresa May announces her betrayal of the British people on Brexit

Britain will not now be leaving the EU on March 29th.

Prime Minister Theresa May made the announcement on Wednesday, breaking a promise that she made 108 times in Parliament.

Having begged the Eurocrats for an extension on Article 50 until June, she was forced to wait outside of the meeting room in Brussels while a decision was made before being told that she would be not be given three months extension and given three weeks instead.

It’s the latest humiliation to on the World stage by a shameful Theresa May and the latest betrayal of the British people by the political class.

Almost three years later after the British electorate voted to leave the hated EU – with or without a deal – the political class, with Theresa May at the helm, have managed to plunge the negotiations into total chaos.

May further betrayed the British people by going back on another of her promises by ruling out leaving the EU with no deal.

The task for the political class in Britain is simple – honour the will of the British electorate and take Britain Out of the EU, with or without a deal!

It’s what the British people voted for and it’s what a BNP Government would deliver.

The political class have proved time and time again that they are unfit for purpose and incapable of carrying out the will of the people.

Isn’t it time you joined the protest against the despised political class and hold them accountable for the betrayal of the British people?

Join the ORIGINAL Brexit political party, the BNP, online here today.



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