PC Keith Palmer

From an offended BNP supporter who contacted us recently regarding the anniversary of the death of Keith Palmer…..

This weekend marks the second anniversary of the death of Keith Palmer.

PC Palmer was killed by a Muslim terrorist outside Westminster. Despite being unarmed, he tried to prevent Khalid Masood from entering Parliament and the brave officer subsequently died from his wounds.

I find it offensive that Sir Craig Mackey, who was then the acting Commissioner of the Met, watched the murder, locked his car door and asked his driver to flee.

I find it offensive that Mackey was allowed to retire with a pension.

I find it offensive that PC Palmer’s death has hardly, if at all, been mentioned on the news this weekend.

I find it offensive that on the anniversary of his death, the Muslim call to prayer was broadcast at Trafalgar Square to remember the victims of another killing spree in New Zealand at the hand of a far-Left former communist and self-described “eco fascist.”

I find it offensive that the people in Westminster, whom PC Palmer died to defend, would quickly label me “Far Right” for suggesting that in Britain, PC Palmer’s death should be remembered before the deaths in New Zealand.

I find it offensive that the mainstream media is describing the New Zealand killer as Far Right rather than Far Left and is then trying to associate his actions with the legitimate, reasonable and peaceful democratic behaviour of people in this country, who believe tougher action should be taken to defend innocent people against terrorists like PC Palmer’s murderer.

I find it offensive that despite the police’s own reports this week making it clear that domestic threats from the “Far Right” are massively dwarfed by domestic threats from Islamic extremists, that the politicians and the media seem to promote a narrative that all Muslims are victims.

I find it offensive that anybody disagreeing with that narrative is labelled Far Right.

I find it offensive that the police’s own figures show that 5% of the population is responsible for 99% of the terror threats, but that those figures are ignored and suppressed as part of multicultural appeasement.

I find it offensive that members of the Labour Party and those, who voted to remain in the EU, are blaming an alleged increase in the perception of non-criminal “hate” activity on racism and Brexit.

I find it offensive that in 2019, an ideology still exists, which justifies honour killings, raping children, cutting off women’s genitals, acid attacks, throwing gay people off buildings and stoning women to death for adultery if her husband doesn’t want to feed her any more.

I find it offensive that the same ideology justifies murdering innocent people for not sharing in a particular faith.

I find it offensive that when these things happen in Britain, that more people are arrested for protesting against them than for committing the crimes themselves.

I find it offensive that PC Keith Palmer is probably not the last police officer to die on British soil because they were betrayed by the self-righteous, virtue-signalling, terrorist-appeasing, cowardly political elite in this country.

And I find it offensive that saying so is more likely to put me on a watch list than waving an ISIS flag.




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