Multiculturalism enriches Britain with highest recorded homicide rate

Homicides in multicultural England and Wales have reached the highest level since records began.

According to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the murder rate had skyrocketed by 15% in the year to March 2018, with an increase of 695 homicides on the previous year.

The figures, however, fail to include the slaughter by Muslim terrorists of British citizens in Manchester and London which would have taken the actual figure to 726.

The ONS noted that, “the rise in homicide seen in recent years has been most pronounced in male victims and those in younger age groups” with the number of murder victims aged 16 to 24 increasing by nearly a half – 45 per cent, 105 to 152.

London, under the disastrous regime of Labour’s Islamist Mayor Sadiq Khan, was singled out as a homicide hotspot.

The capital has witnessed a dramatic rise in “serious” violent crime, already reached its highest record of knife crime and is now high on the list as one of the most dangerous cities in the World.

The statistics were released in the week that London saw its 10th fatal stabbing of 2019, with four other victims injured in stabbings since Sunday.

Shockingly, while the 2011 census puts the demographic percentage of Blacks in Britain at 3%, Black victims made up a massive quarter of all homicide victims.

The politicians’ have forced on the British people a pernicious and dangerous policy which they have termed ‘Multiculturalism’.

Multiculturalism is a highly volatile social engineering experiment, proved to be a catastrophic failure in every country of region in which it has ever been implemented.

The politicians’ created the problem – and admitted that it has already failed.

The politicians cannot fix the problem because the politicians ARE the problem.

The political class fear and hate the BNP because the BNP is comprised of ordinary British people who have joined together to make Britain great again and hold the political class responsible for all their failures and the betrayal of the British people.

It’s vital that the BNP remains fit for purpose as the ONLY viable alternative to the corrupt and failed political class.

The BNP represents a new era – one that puts the British people first every time.

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