Why Labour’s anti-Semitism fallout was inevitable

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Gloating over the misfortunes of others isn’t considered the most decent of character traits but you might be forgiven for doing so in the case of the Labour Party’s fallout over the ‘lenient’ sentence handed to Ken Livingstone for stating that there was “real collaboration” between Hitler and the Zionists.

Why is anti-semitism rife in the Labour Party?

Put simply, there are two reasons:

Firstly, the Labour Party is home to those odious 1960’s do-gooders and Commie trendies of the Baby boomer generation.

This entitled and destructive generation introduced ‘victim culture’ which equates to a system by which social groups (ethnic, religious, cultural, racial or other) are rated and favoured according to how many ‘victim points’ they can claim.

Following WW2, Jews claimed the highest points, but as the ruthlessness and arrogance of the Zionist state of Israel was exposed to the world, decade after decade, they began to cede their lead and victim points were deducted and awarded instead to the new victims, Muslims in Palestine.

The plight of the Palestinian became the cause célèbre for Baby boomers with a penchant for ‘Social Justice’, and it was these people who would become the future leaders of the Labour Party.

Naturally, any criticism of Israel becomes intentionally conflated with ‘anti-semitism’.

It’s the Jeremy Corbyns and the Ken Livingstones of the Labour Party which fall into this category.

The second category is far simpler and self-evident: The Labour Party is THE party of choice for Muslims in UK.

And given that Britain harbours some of the world’s most extreme Muslim communities, it’s no wonder anti-semitism is rife among the UK.

Labour: The political party for the Islamisation of Britain

Still there’s one more category in the Labour Party; those who see victimhood in every group of people that are not ‘straight white male’.

These are the utopian simpletons who believe all peoples and cultures have the same values, principles and standard of ethics and, as a result, are foxed by the fact that many different groups are unable to get along.

The Labour Party, by trying to bundle disparate groups with ideological and historic differences together – and in some cases deep-seated hatred for one another! – in order destroy everything that Western culture represents, have lit the fuse of a powder keg with their ranks.

Jews and Muslims living side by side in peace remains a remote reality, and the more the Labour Party refuses to accept it and force hostile groups together, the more those powered kegs will stack up.

Our problem is that they’ve done that same thing to our society as whole too!



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