Italians must be forced to submit to population replacement

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Italians must be forced to submit to “the change of composition of the population” according to Italy’s first Black cabinet member.

Speaking in a Swiss radio interview about Mass Immigration, Cécile Kyenge, herself an African immigrant from the Congo and Italy’s former ‘minister for integration’ took aim at the Italian people for opposing the project to replace them in their own homeland.

In a statement which indicates just how out-of-touch she is with the people, she described the situation as “surreal” that so many Italian people want to keep Italy Italian.

Ignoring the soaring crime levels in Italy as a result of massive numbers of Africans pouring into the country, Kyenge blamed the “climate of fear” on “Rightwing” political parties, before confessing that she was at a loss as to why these parties had made immigration “the sole rallying point” in elections which take place in the country today.

Italy is currently undergoing “an unprecedented shift in its demographics as a plummeting birthrate and massive immigration combine to make native Italians an increasingly smaller percentage of Italy’s overall population.”


Rather than provide incentives for native couples to have more children and tax breaks to encourage bigger families, the politicians have decided to open the floodgates to millions of Third World immigrants into all Western nations to replace the shrinking native populations.

The inability to integrate these immigrants from entirely alien cultures and vastly different levels of IQ is a problem which has been playing itself out for decades.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former British Prime Minister David Cameron and several other incumbents and former premiere politicians have already declared multiculturalism a failure.

Their answer to the problem?

Much, much more of the same!

The motivations of the pro-Immigration camp should be viewed with suspicion, but there’s something particularly distasteful and suspicious about those of immigrant backgrounds who work tirelessly to flood their new countries of residence with millions more.



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