Self-immolation overdrive as Canadian government announces “most ambitious immigration levels”

Canada’s Liberal government has announced its intention to admit around one million immigrants over the next few years, as reported on the CBC News website.

By the end of this year, net immigration into Canada will have reached 300,000, and the numbers will rise in each of the three subsequent years, with 340,000 wanted in 2020.

It was declared by the Canadian government as the country’s “most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.”

The Canadian Minister for Immigration is one Ahmed Hussen, a native of Somalia who abandoned Africa in 1993 as a teenager.

Now he has political power, he wants to allow more people like him into North America.

This is despite that, owing to his work with the Canadian Somali Congress, he must be acutely aware of his community’s problems with joblessness and violence.

The country experienced rapid demographic change in the late 20th Century and this immigration agenda will further marginalise white Canada.

In 2016, the population of Canada in 2016 was just under 36.3Million, about half that of Britain.

Therefore such high numbers of new arrivals in a short space of time will represent a dramatic and swift change in the character of many communities – the sort of experience readers in Britain and Western Europe will be all too familiar with.

Canada’s prosperity, democracy, and rule of law are based on its European heritage and culture.

In the early 1960s, only 2% of the population were part of visible minority groups.

But the liberal immigration policies that followed encouraged third world immigration; in 2007 about one fifth of Canada’s population was born overseas, the majority coming from Asia and the Middle East.

But there are plenty of dissenters among the public, who expose their government’s recklessness.

Here are some of the thousands of comments posted under the article at by readers:

– “Canada to admit nearly 1 million immigrants over next 3 years”

– “So what is in store for Canada in 20 years from now with these levels? I hate to imagine that”

– “Would be nice if they let in a few whites in the One Million number; after all, they built Canada”

– “Sounds like Canadians overwhelmingly do not want this…”

As the formation of modern Canada is part of our proud British heritage, the BNP laments its impending demographic disaster.

The BNP is on the frontline, fighting against the government’s population replacement programme here in Britain.



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