The global economic crisis

Real wages falling. Unemployment soaring. Essential services slashed. Millions of pensioners and young families in fuel poverty. Banks crashing. Greece and Italy already under German-appointed puppet governments. Portugal, Spain and France set to fall as well.

Sounds like the 1930s, doesn’t it?

But finance industry ‘insiders’ are already saying that the gathering economic crisis is going to be “worse than the 1930s.”

What’s going on?

How can the most technologically advanced and materially rich civilisation in history be unable to order its affairs to produce financial and social stability?

How have Britain and the nations of Europe gone from mighty imperial powers to bankrupt basket cases in just a few decades? And who is to blame?

The last question is the easiest to answer. This economic disaster is not an accident; not a fact of nature like gravity.

It is the direct result of the failed policies of the greedy, short-sighted and corrupt political and financial elite.

Here are the three key problems:

Free trade isn’t free – workers pay for it

The manufacturing bases of Britain and other Western nations have been gutted by the politicians’ insane policy of forcing our industries to compete with China.

Wages there are just one-tenth of ours and there are no add-on costs like environmental protection. So while ‘free trade’ has made big money for global corporations and supermarket chains, the real cost is the destruction of our manufacturing base. Our factories, jobs and money are bleeding away to our Third World competitors.

The politicians and their super-rich friends have let us all down by giving our jobs away.


The EU was always meant to fail

The Euro fanatics knew that voters of Britain and other countries would never willingly give up their right to run their own affairs.

They knew that they could never ‘sell’ their scheme to have one economic government and one central bank dictating to the whole of Europe. So instead they ‘sold’ people the idea of just a convenient single currency.

They also knew that imposing a single currency on places as different as Greece, Ireland and Germany would inevitably cause huge trouble. They called this ‘the beneficial crisis’, because it would give them the excuse to impose a central (German) economic dictatorship on the weaker countries.

The politicians and the Europhiles have let us all down with their conspiracy to build the EU Superstate.


The Bankers’ swindle screws us all

Even without the Euro shambles, countries like Britain and the USA are drowning in debt. Where did all that money come from? Who do we owe it to? How can it ever be repaid?

For decades, radical nationalists have explained how the banks create money out of nothing, then charge interest on it. This simple truth explains how banking – an ‘industry’ that makes nothing – has ended up dominating the world economy and making and breaking entire countries.

For decades, the political elite and banker-financed ‘experts’ have ignored or denied this fact. But since the whole rotten system started to crumble in 2008, the Government and Bank of England have admitted that they conjure credit out of thin air. They call it ‘Quantitive Easing’.

They crank up the printing presses and turn near-worthless paper into bank notes. Then they give to the banks so that they can lend out their free £Billions to the rest of us, complete with hefty interest payments.

Did you ever hear of a more profitable racket?

The politicians and their banker puppet masters have let us all down by putting profits before people.

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