The Gender-Bender Agenda

We are now witnessing a gender-bender war.

“I now pronounce you person & person”. 

The brave new world of homosexual marriage is not a complete victory in the battle for “LGBT+ rights”; they are now waging war on the frontline of what it is to be a man or women.

Apparently, so the trans-lobby would have us believe, gender identities are “fluid” – so fluid in fact, that a gentleman can change his mind about being a male on his/her way to the toilet.

What has become particularly perverse is the projection of such ideology onto vulnerable and impressionable children, with the complicity of teachers, virtue-signalling schools, and misguided parents.

Depressingly, even Church of England schools are ahead of the curve when it comes to gender-bending, with brave mothers and fathers who resist such depravity being labelled as “transphobic”.

Generation degeneration

Gender-Bender Agenda: Conchita Wurst, the bearded transgender winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Conchita Wurst, the bearded transgender winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

One can detect the perverse influence of the Frankfurt School at work and the “science” of sexology, which advocates the elevation of deviant and disordered behaviours so that they become merely another lifestyle to choose.

In this way, proper marriage and the raising of children therein (the foundation stones of our society) are demolished.

Such assaults on reason strike a blow at the heart of Christianity, the family, and Western civilisation itself, thus undermining all that is good about the European way of life – which, of course, is the point.

Yes, some people are unfortunately born with intersex conditions; these may be as few as 0.018% of the population.

Sufferers of these afflictions deserve our understanding and compassionate medical care, but it is a gross distortion of reality to suggest that the confusion and complications of childhood and puberty can be solved by dressing up a child as a member of the opposite sex.

Gender dysphoria in adults may well be a genuine condition, but the treatment should be psychiatric help, not irreversible and expensive surgery.

The risks to the sanity of our children and young people by promoting this gender-bender agenda have been observed, with studies of transgender youths highlighting the mental health issues that accompany open transsexualism.

It is increasingly clear that the mainstream political parties, their policy formers, and our institutions, have caught the fever of minority rights; and if there is no minority, then they create one.

It is also evident that the only cure for this insanity is the British National Party.



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