Facebook steps up political censorship

Facebook is at it again, censoring free speech because they’re terrified of people thinking for themselves.

Here’s the latest. Certainly, it’s hard-hitting and it’s every bit true.

This latest censorship comes after the BNP posted a viral image featuring a quote by Islamist London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Just last month, one of our Facebook admins was banned from posting for thirty days after Facebook found the BNP had shared an article from the Daily Express seven months previously.

Interestingly, the post didn’t even feature an additional comment by the admin, it was simply a direct link to the article.

Below are the messages we received from Facebook.

Naturally, Facebook refused to respond to a reasonable question and to provide any further explanation of their censorship of the article about the Muslim rape gangs of Rotherham.

“I contacted the Daily Express right away,” said Henry Watts, one of our admins on the BNP Facebook page.

“Because, never mind the BNP – this was actual direct censorship of the Daily Express. 

“The girl I spoke to was very interested in the action that was taken by Facebook and informed me that the mainstream news outlet had begun to experience more cases of this sort.

“She declined to tell me what action they planned to take, but the thing we can all do now is to make sure we let as many people as we can know about this censorship and ensure they can’t silence anyone of us.

“The track records we’ve already seen from social media networks is that the moment they start to censor speech and to police ideas, is the moment their platforms take a down turn towards gradual oblivion.” 

In September 2015, Angela Merkel was caught on live mic asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg what they could do to censor criticism of her policy of swamping Europe with hordes of  Muslims – his answer: “We’re working on it.”

The BNP is far from being alone in being censored; notable right-wing and libertarian media outlets and personalities among them Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson have succumbed to similar censorship.

YouTube has also introduced measures to de-monetise channels which carry politic messages which challenge the leftist domination of the political elite in the West the MSM (mainstream media), the entertainment industry and government institutions.

Furthermore, they’ve introduced measures to relegate videos that they view as problematic on the Google-owned platform.

The left is terrified of free-thinking and free speech, which is why all left-wing online media websites have shut down their comments sections.

We’ll be exposing further censorship as and when it happens.




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