European Elections 2019: more humiliation for UK

A ballot box decorated with the EU flag and a ballot paper with the words: European elections 2019, humiliation for the UK

Theresa May promised she would do her utmost to stop the UK from contesting the European elections. However, the government confirmed yesterday (7 May 2019) that the European elections will go ahead on 23 May 2019.

The Prime Minister left the embarrassing announcement to her deputy David Lidington who affirmed the EU elections — which will cost more than £100million — are now inevitable.

Mr Lidington admitted that the government’s desperate attempts to find a Brexit deal had run out of time before the date that’s legally due for the European elections.

Britain will now certainly elect 70 MEPs to the European Parliament. However, Theresa May has vowed to stop those British MEPs from ever taking their seats in the European Parliament. She hopes to get a Brexit deal agreed by Parliament before MEPs start their jobs on the 2 July 2019.

This ludicrous situation is yet another humiliation for the UK. Not only is it a waste of public money but also it will increase the pressure on the Prime Minister to resign.

This latest embarrassment follows last week’s stunning collapse of the Tory vote — the worst local election result for the Conservatives in 25 years. The humiliating destruction of their vote was a backlash against the Brexit betrayal of Theresa May and Remainer MPs.

The upcoming Euro elections will likely heap even more humiliation on the Prime Minister. Opinion polls suggest the Conservatives could get as low as 15% of the national vote — the worst in their history.

Tory activists go on strike for the European elections

The party is now struggling to find activists willing to campaign in the European elections. In the recent local elections, a Conservative candidate used boy scouts to deliver election leaflets!

It’s also been reported the party is suffering a cash crunch because donors are refusing to hand over money in ‘disgust’ over Theresa May’s handling of Brexit.

The fact that we are having European elections is appalling. That’s why the British National Party will not be contesting these elections.

In 2016 we voted to leave the EU, and in 2019 we will elect MEPs back into the European Parliament.

Most MPs don’t want to leave the European Union. It’s time for a good clearout!


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