It is hardly surprising that some of the other leaders of the remaining 27 EU countries appear to be hostile; the corrupt EU gives some of them a very good lifestyle.

It is now clear to even the most wilfully blind that the true nature of the EU regime is one of bullying and aggression, it is an expansionist tyranny consumed by its hatred for anyone who defies its despotism.

This is thus a time for national unity in the face a grave threat to our national well-being.

We must be honest, the EU and its remaining states are not our partners or allies, we should not be wasting our resources deploying British forces to uphold EU territorial integrity on its easternmost border.

The result of the Swiss referendum on ending freedom of movement has been overturned by the Swiss government, who have decided to cave in with the Brussels bullies, ignoring the will of the people who elected them.

The Ministry of Justice in Germany has been employing a devout and enthusiastic ex member of the Stasi (Kahane) to oversee a programme to spy on German citizens who might be using ‘hate speech’ to bring prosecutions against them and ‘control the internet’.

Nick Clegg has decided that the only reason our country is not already over run with foreign criminals is because of the European Court of Justice, plainly demonstrating he, like so many convinced Europhiles has no grasp of reality whatsoever and lives in a parallel universe where everything is the mirror image of how it is in ours.

I hope that Mrs May does not want to associate with these people, or be seen to give credence to any of their authoritarian and insane ideas.

I hope that she realises how little she and the British people have in common with these arrogant, self centred, illiberal, insane control freaks and understands what a great relief and a privilege it will be to remove the country from the clutches of such devils.

Our resistance to the EU is a moral duty to the oppressed masses still labouring under its yoke and will be the latest crescendo in our nation’s historic contempt for tyranny.



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